For the Newbie - A good starting place

I had a request the other night, and then yet another friend reached out to me, so I will post this here… as well as on my site to help out.

Where to start?
How do I know what I know?
Research… it is your friend.

If you have not hit this link up, do it now!

This is the place, many years ago where I learned almost the generic versions to mixing, as well as hardware. I did search VC and I have not found anyone talking about it… so yes, start here…

There is a calculator there for wrapping your coils… the entire site is packed with goodies… so dig in deep. Any questions… you can always feel free to post them here… and someone will be happy to reply!


Very nice @SmokyBlue

Resolution of not less than 0.01 grams.
Large enough capacity to accommodate the weight of the bottle size and liquid capacity you will be mixing.
Tare function.
Relatively quick register of small weight changes.

Fantastic vid on wrapping coils…

and here is another one…

Hope these can help a bit too! :slight_smile: :v:


I’ve had that question so many times and about so many different subjects :scream:
Impossible to answer when it’s an accumulation of many years or decades of research and/or experience :scream: again.


and multiple mess ups too, @Jose

How are you and have you tasted the new tobaccos yet?? omg you have to get your hands on them!! :smiley:
If you were closer I would send you some shots… I got that ry4 going this morning and it’s funny… was thinking about you and pop, you show up!! :rofl: :smiley:


I haven’t tried the new tobacco’s yet, I’m afraid.
I’ll have to wait for the money train. I’m sure I will get my hands on them at some point, don’t worry.

That’s very nice girl but your postal service must drive around in gold plated cars cause the costs are atrocious.

Eerie how that works right? Some people just try very hard not to think about me for that very reason :rofl:
That works about the same as telling yourself not to think about a pink elephant :grin:

I’m fine btw, as you can see I’m still full of :poop:
How are you dear?


I hear ya there… if I could get ahold of a reseller and have them toss a few contests for your area… I would in a skinny minuet!!! :smiley:

More like beaten down clunkers with mail men trying to find out if you like your package or not :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe!! :rofl: mine likes to buy juice from me on the weekends now. I think he is slinging it around to all the other carriers, was shocked he left me a note asking for a few of my newer juices, even when I told him it’d be zero nic… Kind of nice to know someone else is doing the Zero besides me :smiley:

hahahaha!!! Nevah!!! :rofl: You are just too cool, that is all!! :smiley:

About to go elbows deep into zee bushes, and battle against weeds worms and other slinky creatures… and then… hahaha!! I am going to toss out some wildflower seeds to grow this summer…
I decided I want flowers this year… as I don’t have the time for a full sized garden, and I joined a local ugly veggie club here… so not much need for the garden… :smiley: woots… I am drooling over the first watermelon… I saw them at Walmart… but sad to say… I know the first month they are normally gassed and not really all that we can dream about… Meanwhile… the whites are on to wash… the clothesline is stretched out properly in the back yard… and bonfire with burgers and dogs and maybe some ckicken will happen tonight! >D

gesh… I is good… maybe… one of these days :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


If you remember Will from our Friday conference call @SmokyBlue, he has a saying that he ALWAYS says. “You don’t KNOW, what you DON’T know …”.


@Jose, if the Money Train ever arrives, and/or your fear is reduced, I’d LOVE to hear what you (the tobacco expert) thought of them.


If I could ship them to her… I might be able to…

@Jose inbox me your address… will talk to Bryson and see if he can send you just the tobaccos…
The least I can do for you… :smiley:

I will send Bryson a copy of this post… :tada:


That makes me rather uncomfortable :sweat_smile:
I prefer tobacco but that doesn’t automatically make me an expert.
I’m really jealous of people who can speak about shit with confidence.
They have an utter trust in their abilities which I seem to lack.

I just know what I like but maybe my taste is just crap. See, that’s what I mean, constant self doubt :laughing:

I did however mix up a honey tobacco concoction at the request of an old neighbour that turned out quite well, if I say so myself.
It was weird how easy it was. The ingredients to use just popped into my head.
A little thought about percentage, a tiny bit of tweaking later on and the deed was done :grinning:

It’s not something I would’ve made for myself, so it’s an added benefit of mixing for others, to get out of your bubble.
I ended up making 500ml for myself.

Nazir's Honey Baccie

Flavours %
Black Honey - The Perfumers Apprentice 1.00
Honey Wood Tobacco - Flavor West 2.00
Kentucky Blend - Flavorah 0.50
Milk and Honey - Flavorah 0.30
Torrone (Nougat) - Flavour Art 0.15

Flavor total: 3.95%


Oh my… I can actually see that working, @Jose and I really wish flv had more of the honey types!! a nice wildflower or even a smoky honey would be right up my jam!! :slight_smile: and I know what the honey wood tobacco is… I used that many years ago!! Hard to believe but yeps!

I think out of the stouter tobaccos flv has… that Kentucky Blend is one of my favs… Arabica comes in at a second top… followed by Virginia and Red Burly… I think you will enjoy the ry4, mild and vaniila!!! :smiley:

Torrone… I have lost my pallet for. even at a super low amount, I am just ruined. Sad to say, as I did like it years ago. I do admit I bought a small bottle around Christmas… but only used once, and I ended up tossing the juice out. :frowning: just not my thing any longer.

Milk and honey, I can vape that straight up!! Try adding a banana to it and 1 drop of beer nuts in 30ml… you could lead me around the yard by my nose hehe!!! :smiley:


Well you see young lady, it’s BECAUSE you say you aren’t, that makes you THE person. We all know, that you KNOW about the baccos. Your hesitation and/or reluctance, just makes you supremely qualified. :slight_smile:

When I figure out how to do that, I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:


That’s the one I toned down and so far it’s good. It might steep out horribly in the long run, it’s been standing for about a month.
If it does, I can turn my 500ml into 1000ml and get it down 50% :grin:

I do like the Torrone but never really had any idea of what to use it for.
This, to me, seemed a good match.

I have flavours of my own that I can’t stand no matter how low I take it.
Don’t get me started. I cannot remember the name of the one I loath the most and that’s a blessing.
It tastes like raw, rotten mushrooms that someone just threw up. :nauseated_face:
It comes through everything and ruins the entire batch.

I’m speechless and all glowy inside :blush:
Thanks bro, I’ll have to go to sleep now and recover :grin:


@Jose (after recovering that is :slight_smile: ), that reminds me of a flavor I started out vaping with (dripping) from called, “Honey Nut Tobacco”. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop vaping that one. Rumor has it that Don split from his wife, they both ended up with different web sites, but I can’t find either now. Hmmmm, Honey Nut Tobacco, hmmmm…


You too funny!! :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s more of a syrup for coffee… some used it for candies… but yeah I had a coffee recipe for it, many years ago… it might still be on VU… but I kind of doubt it… I removed all my older recipes, save for a few…

Oh my gosh… no I have heard of folks getting a shroomy wet cardboard taste with a few of flv’s cereals and breads… think the crunches and waffle… but I have yet to ever get anything like it with my rates of use and those are all over the board!! :smiley:

Yeps you are the expert, Jose… :smiley: come on now… adjust your crown haha! :racing_car: :ghost: :rofl:


I bet… with something like this

milk & honey 1.2%
mild tobacco .8%
beer nuts .12%
sweet cream .8%
honey bee or Toffee 1 drop per 30ml

would be super tasty… I better go mix that up! :smiley:


Hmmmmmm, …



As a newbie, funny enough i did start with God of Steam by accident more than deliberately. Very happy i did:)