Flavour Fridge - Concentrate Storage

Some of you will have seen V1 and V2 flavour fridges already, unfortunately, V2 took a massive crap and stopped working so it was time to build V3.

No freebie fridge this time taking the risk of building in a second-hand fridge was not something I wanted to do so I went and bought a new dual zone wine fridge (better suited as it was actually square inside).

Anyhoo here are the pics of the finished product took me far longer than the other two but I am pretty happy with the result.


Apart from the risk it is also very costly as I found out to my detriment. Second hand fridges and freezers tend to use a shit load of electricity. I bought one cheep and found out it was using as much energy as all my electrical appliances combined :roll_eyes:
Bought a new, energy saving one and it has already payed itself back.


That’s amazing work my friend!
Well done sir!

I’m curious as to what temp you selected to use as the “optimum” for longevity of flavors?

Are there any flavors you intentionally don’t store in there (for whatever reason)?


i have it set at 10c atm (another advantage of a wine fridge temps can be set higher than a normal fridge). Only things I don’t have in there is Nic (freezer) malic, citric, tartaric acids and pyure clone only because i have seen some of the acids re crystalize before. Malted Milk TPA also forms crystals at around 5c .


Wow the utopia of flavoring storage!


A new fridge was required - for storage of the bigger bottles. I am still building it but I am getting there.


Lord that took ages - I remade all the drawers with ball bearing runners which will also allow them to pull out the full length of the drawer (it used to be a bit hard to get to the back row.

Now all i have to do it get my vc stash up to date lol.


40 x 40 x 1.6mm Aluminium angle

Here are some shots of the actual draw so you can see the mess underneath lol


ends up with pretty much the same profile as the nail polish stands but you can make them as long as you want. Each shelf will hold about 130 30ml bottles or around 170 10ml. the drawers are 405 (16ish inches) mm deep and 475mm (19 ish inches) wide