Flavor Recommendations

In search of a good easy to work with Blackberry. I’m looking to create a “Midnight” Berry mix of blueberries strawberries raspberries and blackberries.
I see TFA blackberry used alot with decent reviews, is that the one I want or is there something else you would recommend? Thanks in advance, any help is much appreciated!


Personally I am very fond of TFA Blackberry.


After many attempts at using WF Coconut Custard I continue to fail and am looking for a good recipe. I have FLV Sweet Coconut, FA Coconut, Coconut Candy, PUR Toasted Coconut, and probably some others. I never use RF. Any suggestions? Just can’t seem to get there but I really like the WF but don’t know what to put with it.

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I saw this on the Wonder Flavours website which may interest you.


I am still working on this recipe but it is tasty for sure.

Lazy Day

Ingredients %
Ambrosia - Purilum 0.35
Coconut Cookies - Inawera 0.50
Coconut Custard (SC) - Wonder Flavours (SC) 2.50
Crispy Wafer (SC) - Wonder Flavours (SC) 2.00
Devon Cream - Chefs Choice 3.00
Italian Cream - Hangsen 1.00
Meringue - Purilum 1.00
Super Sweet - Capella 0.50

Flavor total: 10.85%

You can probably skip the Super Sweet and I am betting FA Meringue will work in place of the PUR if you don’t have it, I would try the FA at 0.50% though but haven’t tried it myself. Not sure what would be a replacement for Devon Cream if you don’t have it but list what Creams you do have and I can sniff them out, not vanilla custard’s though or sweet creams.

@G-Fog that looks like a tasty recipe, just mixed it up and will let you all know how it is after a steep. On the knuckle test, it seems as the Crepe might be too much, might be better without it but maybe it will steep into something tasty.

@Eddie sorry, have not delved much into blackberries which is add as I live by the motto “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice”


I have the Pur Meringue but am missing Coconut Cookies, Crispy Wafer, and Devon Cream. I have the rest. I’m not familiar with Chefs Choice unless that is the UK seller. Vape Train has a Devon Cream. Would that work?


You gotta get the Crispy Wafer, sort of like a Kit Kat without the chocolate. Devon Cream I am pretty sure if rebottled Cupcake World or something like that, available at Chef’s https://chefsflavours.co.uk/devon-cream-chefs-choice/ if you do order there make sure and get this: https://chefsflavours.co.uk/custard-prem-flavour-creative/ and order a 100ml bottle before @woftam puts them out of stock again. That is FA but not available in the US but Chef’s shipping is not bad at all and they sometimes have sales, comes out to almost the same as buying here in the US. Never tried VTA Devon Cream so can’t answer that one.

INW Coconut Cookies is pretty good, worth having a 10ml bottle. Can get a little suntan lotiony though so keep it low as an accent flavor.


I had the Crispy Wafer on my wish list. I’ve been on the fence about ordering overseas but have wanted to try the FA Prem Custard. IIRC FA makes a Devon Cream available there but not here in the US. I’ll order some whatever the maker is. The recipe looks good. I was reading that VTA Devon has a chocolate note to it. May try that too. Thanks


I have ordered from Chef’s maybe 3 or 4 times and never a problem. Just use the cheapest shipping option, last time it only took a week. I used the more expensive shipping option with tracking once and that took 2 weeks, the cheaper shipping has been faster for me. Check there clearance section too, sometimes some really good deals.

On the Chefs Choice Devon Cream it is not a flavor I use a lot so maybe a smaller bottle to try. Might give that VTA Devon Cream a shot one day, sounds interesting.


Looks like the only place that has custard premium in stock is down-under in a place near Mansfield Aus.


The man probably bathes in it :laughing:


There is a recipe for FA Devon cream on the UK fa website if you want you can make it up yourself. @mjag is right the chefs choice is ccw (and you can order direct but the chefs shipping is better).

Custard premium is available on the FA UK site (but only to wholesale)

Chefs do have it in stock in the rebottled Flavour Creative section - hint get a big one lol.

& yup it is worth bathing in


My Bad it was Cornish cream tea that FA UK put out this is the recipe




Thanks. I plan to order tomorrow after I make a list of others I can’t get here. Interesting that flavour creative is FA. :grinning: Both recipes above look good so @G-Fog I’ll mix that when I get what I need. Appreciate it guys. I’ve been trying for a straight coconut custard and tried various combinations of WF, FA, Flv Sweet Coconut and coconut candy. Got close but nothing that turned my crank.:laughing:


I think they rename and rebottle to avoid the set price that vendors are meant to adhere to when reselling some brands.