Flavor deals and bargains

Couldn’t see a thread like this and thought it could be useful.
And best to be separate from the vape deals one.

Anyway to kick off I found this in the uk Flavorah packs for £40


@Timwis any good to you mate?
And post that other site link if you want ?
Thought it might get buried in your post as it was originally about sweetener, as you found it I’m not gonna take the credit :smiley:


Thanks for the thought but actually with how many Flavorah concentrates i have now £40 is a more expensive way of getting them as there is at least 3 or 4 flavours in each pack i already have, can get single flavours at good prices here, only £2.16 most of them!


No problem man I just noticed this one has packs that other site doesn’t.
Nice link :v:t2:


It seems the best places (on price) to buy concentrates are not as well known or/and don’t ping straight up on a google search!


Thanks for the post @Spyce.

I thought that these are great prices if your in the UK or that area of the world. So I went to see what Flavorah was doing because they have a decent enough deal on flavor packs. Saves about 12 USD but they stopped shipping in the States.

Anywho, when and if I find any deals on Flavorah, I’ll post them here.


Nice one mate👍🏻
It doesn’t just have to be Flavorah here though all flavours are welcome :laughing:

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Yeah £40 is a very good price for those Flavorah assortment packs and there are a lot of them but peeps should try here first:

As they are half that price at only £20, i would be kicking myself if i paid £40 and found out i could of bought the same for only £20! More choice though on @Spyce’s link!


Awwww no that ones a secret !
now everyone’s going to know :sob::sob::sob:

Jks aside that’s the one I wanted you to put up and any updates on your order ?


I expect they have been sent out today mate so touch wood will arrive tomorrow but not sure if sending the order once (with the main items missing) via DHL, they are going to send DHL again so if Royal Mail could be Thursday or Friday!


Thank you for posting – I was about to post this link.
I managed to snag three packages – Fruits, Tropical and Beverages.


Yeah was great idea to have this thread though so such links are easy to find so big shout out to @Spyce!

I have the Cherries and Citrus, and also both the Fruits and Tea & Herbal to come!

Might be worth giving them a cheeky email saying have ordered and know they randomly send free the Flavorah recipe book with orders including flavorah concentrates and could i be cheeky and request one if possible! Worth the email, it’s a great book!



And welcome to VC @jordi i am sure i have seen a few likes etc from you but this is your fist post apparently, hopefully the first of many!


Thank you-Got my shipment delivered today—I just need to become a better mixer now lol – im ok but have a lot of learning ahead.
Good luck to all and all the best.