Favourite mainstream device of all time

Ive been cramming youtube video reviews of devices to try to improve my overall knowledge and widen my horizons a little.
I was quite surprised to find one of the better known American reviewers naming his all time favourite vape as the Aegis Hero pod V1.
I really dont want to get sucked into the vortex of trying to source the wierdest and most expensive mod from outer mongolia thats wrapped in albino yak fur or a tank/pod that nobody sells coils for just a decent mainstream device.
Hit me with your vape hero…


I favor single 21700 mods that have some weight (bitchy hands). My favorites are the Ephro Cold Steel 100 (actually a 120) and Dovpo Odin 100 (also comes with a DNA chip but I prefer simple, both are great mods). Recently bought the Think Vape Craton DNA 100C; great mod with a wider body but surprisingly lightweight. For dual 18650 hands down favorites are the Squid Double Barrel v3 and my beloved Lost Vape Therions. If I was to get another more current dual 18650 I couldn’t resist the LV Thelma. Sucker for a good C frame.


My favourite atomiser is the Dovpo Blotto Mini in dual coil configuration, it’s perfect for my requirements and I know I have at least twelve of them.
As for mods I like dual 21700’s and so far it has to be the VV Gaur 21 but I have a strong feeling that will soon change to the new Geekvape Aegis Legend Classic as I have always wanted a dual 21700 version to be made.


Mods are mainly single 21700 ones. Lost Vape Grus V1 & V2, Lost Vape Thelema Solo and Dovpo Odin 100 are my favs.

RTA’s I only do MTL and hands down fav is the original Berserker MTL RTA (I have 6 in rotation).


See that’s a good question with no answer that’s right or wrong it’s what your vaping and ya vape

This weeks trucking Pals. All do what they should do and dependable


I do have a soft spot for the Odin Mini!