FA Nonna's Cake Error

Flavour Art Nonna’s Cake has no information page, you can’t add it to your stash, and trying to go to the flavorpage gives a 404 error. it also breaks any of the mixing things on the page untill you switch out the flavor with something else, switching to fa zeppola fixed the problem. i think it might be freaking out about the apostraphe


Hi, @darthy I am not seeing this. I can add to my stash through the manage stash section, I can add to a recipe, I can search and find it

Can you please give me so steps to reproduce the error and we can see if something is failing.



https://vccalc.vapingcommunity.co.uk/dashboard/recipe/1309 i’m able to add it to a recipe, but once i go to the recipe page, the flavor is missing from my stash, and clicking the add all to stash does nothing at all. also, clicking the flavor itself to pull up its page returns a 404 error. the mixing settings that should auto load below are empty, and trying to put in my own and hit “mix this” does not work.