Evolving The Revolver

I really like the Vandy Vape Revolver. Its a great single coil RTA in my opinion. The only problem I have with it is a common trait to all the Vandy Vape tanks from my perspective.

That shortcoming is an undersized well for the cotton. This means thinning and possibly shaping the cotton so that it comfortably fits without choking the flow of juice up to the coil.

The air flow on the Revolver is designed in such a way that if your coil is too small, too much air goes around the coil and lessens the flavor. A 3 mm coil is pretty good, but a 3.5 mm coil is much better. To get a 3.5 mm coil to wick properly, takes a lot of thinning and a few cuts at angles to get the cotton to wick properly. Of course all that thinning means less juice getting to the coils quickly.

So I can’t stand when something is wrong and I may be able to change it. I got out the trusty Dremel and with a 1/16" drill bit, proceeded to ever so slightly enlarge the holes for the cotton.

It may not look like much at that scale, but it did increase the size significantly. I now only have to thin the cotton minimally and don’t have to make any precision cuts. I spend a lot less time wicking and the flow of juice to the coil is really good. Below is a before and after picture. I love to tinker lol.



Alright!! Good show! Yo Vandy Vape! Calling Vandy Vape!!! Check this out! Someone finished what you started!!!


To the cotton maybe! :wink: lol
I’d say you made some seriously precision cuts!
Very nice job sir!

Hopefully they pick up on your observations, and make similar adjustments! (2nds Ogre)


Thanks for the tip!


Good stuff @Jim22, if I pick one up definitely gonna take the dremel to it :+1:


I enlarged the holes for the wicks a bit more. I really am about at my limitations with a handheld tool. Oh how I miss my drill press! Anyways the cotton fits in really well and it wicks great. I am really liking this tank.