Evolving back to MTL? What's going on?

Not even sure why I’m writing this. Maybe I’m just bored or maybe I just need to write it, not sure. In the beginning it was a EGO AIO which was obviously MTL. I was not smoking and I was ecstatic!!! Not long after I got a Pico and then came DTL. Wow! the volume and the flavor! In time came RBA’s, Wow! the volume and the flavor. Time went on, things got a little stale…

FF last week. I had purchased a Gate and a Berserker for my wife which she never took to although she gave it a great try. The two atties have sat for a couple of months. I thought, WTH, I wonder what they are like. Never bought that good of an MTL atty for myself. Wow!!! The flavor and surprisingly still a pretty fair volume. I pulled out a couple of my smaller RDA’s and built them up for MTL. OMG!!! Fantastic! Went from 40W to 18W, holy hell, I’m getting battery life out of the old dusty single battery mods.

I think I’ve went full circle… kinda. Obviously todays RBA MTL atties are a far cry from a factory coiled AIO or a pod. I had no idea what I was missing.

Oh well, end of Ogre’s little evolution. I’m still amazed.


Exactly one of the reasons I moved over to MTL, also I wanted to vape something a little less, I don’t mind huge clouds of vapour on an RDA every now and again but when I’m out and about I want something I can have a little puff on and slip in a pocket, flavour is good, I get the “hit” I want, so all’s good


I don’t know how long this will last before things change again but I am really enjoying a lot of things about this. Like you, I appreciate less cloud and equal satisfaction in a vape. I can also draw longer, something I like to do. I like that sensation of a long draw. I like less fog in the studio as well as it will impact equipment less from residue. Maybe I’m delusional or just responding to change but the flavor seems better than dtl, more concentrated.


Im the same way… but I still enjoy my clouds. :slight_smile:


I picked up the intense mtl RDA myself … it’s a good vape but nowhere near the tight mouth draw back in those old nautilus minis


Great thread @SmilingOgre. My story is very close to yours. I decided vaping was gonna help me quit and I didn’t give up. I went through several cigalikes before I went to a vape shop and picked up an eleaf istick 30 and a kanger top tank I think it was called. The very first tanks kanger made with 510s (I’m pretty sure). Started to watch reviews and the next thing ya know I am DL vaping! Loved it, but eventually, I came full circle and started reviewing my own products and started to MTL because they wanted me to review pods. I never stopped MTL it just switched. Now MTL is my preferred and I keep a DTL Tank around for when I want a lung full.


That’s an interesting little RDA but it doesn’t surprise me that it is looser than the nautilus. Every time I tried sucking on mine my head would collapse.


I do too actually. But for some reason I’ve not been able to make a switch. Last MTL tank I got was the Steam Crave Glaz Mini. Decent flavor, just not fantastic. But if it’s all I could ever vape again then I’d survive. However, rather than being a replacement for a good DTL atty, it’s more like methadone, just getting me by till I can hit another chucker.

If the Holy Grail of MTL attys were to come my way, that maybe would change.


I think that’s kinda what happened to me. I wasn’t looking to change but when I hit the Gate I was floored from the flavor. Having said that, I’m not trying to be a Gate salesman and can’t advocate buying one as they are on the expensive side and obviously everyone’s perception is not the same.

I will say also that I am not tossing my DTL atties, lol. The way this change happened it could change back at any time in my mind. In fact, I’m thinking about putting a fresh build in a tube mech and hitting it this afternoon just because I can. Something about sucking on a hefty hunk of brass that is always a pleasure.


That’s what she said.


While I like my DL stuff, and do like to let out some vapour I’m not a big cloud chaser, I’m happy at 50-60w for most of my DL stuff and really cannot see myself going higher so maybe that is why I am like I am. I do feel I have to use MTL tanks when out and about, I feel a bit conscious of big clouds and always feel a bit showy-offy if I forget to change tanks before a trip out (and that is with smaller clouds than most).

Saying that, you are right about the flavour (of course), and when I am doing SFT’s I will always make up 2 batches, 1 for a DL vape and 1 to test the actual underlying flavour. I really do enjoy the flavour more than the clouds, but I don’t feel I get the hit I need, even at higher nic doses. SO yeah, I’m between the two and don’t see me ever siding with one style ever. Heck, I’m even looking at picking up a couple of pod devices to check out what is different there, so I really am going to end up vaping just about every style, depending on where I currently am.


I’ve been vaping that ~40W DTL range for some time with single coil atties like the intake. That is a very satisfying vape for me. I’m down to 2mg/ml nic salt (don’t like the throat irritation any more) and I often wonder how dependent I am on nic now. Doesn’t matter to me as I understand the nic we vape is no more harmful than caffeine. I’m in the mood for mixing myself and have two test pairs to play with today. I doubt I’ll ever be 100% one mode of vaping either. Now when it comes to pods, I don’t know if it’s real or psychological, but I can’t deal with vaping out of plastic. I swear I taste it. I’ve got an Aegis something or nother pod that I can tolerate but that’s the only one I’ve found that I will use. I hit that and then something like a berserker and there is no comparison.


If I could find something that spewed flavor like my DTL SteamCraves, I’d switch to full MTL.


Believe it or not, I grabbed a Juul last year. Got the Virginia Tobacco cartridges and I loved it. LOVED IT. But it’s what it is. A convenient nicotine delivery method that has satisfying taste. Thing is I cannot bring my self to pay for the damn things. You get like 1 ml of liquid for what…5 bucks? Still, that would be an excellent thing IMO to mimic. The vape and the flavor.

Now y’all put your damn flamethrowers down. I can’t find my asbestos underwear.


Lol, no flamethrowers here. If it works, it works. And yes, you hit on another point I have problems with. The cost of prefilled pods. $5 a mill when I can dyi for pennies a mill? Ahhhhhhh No.


I built up the little SC lite with a +Ω coil and cranked back on the airflow and it’s not doing a bad job at all.