Escape One Shot - tested [Recipe Review]

Escape, MysterFog One Shots
C$12.50Price. 30ml
Vendor Description:
Escape a rich creamy pineapple and coconut rum cheesecake - If you like pina colada
Recommended Usage: 15%
30ml Finished mix yield : 200ml
Steep Time: 5-7 Days

This One Shot is a creation from our own @woftam who we all know is a master at his Pineapples and I was really looking forward to testing this one.

Disclaimer: A sample of this One Shot was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of this review which in no way persuaded my thoughts…

Tested on the FreeMaxMeshPro, single kanthal mesh coil, 0.16 ohm

I’ve personally never had a Pina Colada, but the sound of it has always reminded me of a tropical beach, and enjoying it with a slice of heavenly cheesecake sounds like the perfect way to “escape”

The first taste is a marvelous pineapple flavor with all its natural sweetness. Vaping this I couldn’t help but think of the Eddie Money Hit song “Two Tickets to Paradise”, It just screams, relax!!
Pineapple is the star of the show, the coconut taste subtly smooths out the pineapple, but does not stand out immediately but being too cloying, revealing itself more in the exhale with the rum equally low.
At 65 watts I wasn’t getting much cheesecake, but more of a creamy smooth backnote. Bumping the wattage up to 80 watts brought out the cheesecake note and I really liked it at this level.
At 90 watts (limit for my setup) pushed the CC a tad too high to enjoy that delicious Pineapple 4me.
Not getting any Crust notes (thank goodness), which IMO works perfectly in this profile.
All in all one of the best Pineapple mixes I’ve enjoyed!

Very well done @woftam :+1:


Nicely written @Rocky02852, and that sounds like yet another great one from @woftam.


Cheers mate Glad you are enjoying it :hugs:


Hehe Dman, not quite up on the flavor reviews as you are…
But I just call um as I “taste um” and so far really no disappointments from @FlavorChaser

I surely am @woftam, gotta say the Pineapple in this mix is just heavenly :+1:


No no, not at all @Rocky02852. When you write as much blather as I do, it’s nice to read someone ELSE’S blather for a change. You put up everything I needed, and nothing I didn’t.


This has been one of my all time favorites since MysterFog joined the gang as a matter of fact its my work vape atm, can’t leave this at home all lonely :grin:

Very nice review @Rocky02852 :heart: