Eleaf TESSERA with ELLO TS kit review by Mjag

Thanks for taking the time to view my late but finally here review of the Eleaf Tessera with ELLO TS tank review. I was provided a pair of kits directly from Eleaf for this review, why a pair? I will get into that in a moment.


Tessera mod:

  • 83mm H x 42.5mm W x 30mm D (510 area 25mm)
  • 169 grams weight
  • 1 to 150 watts
  • Output voltage: 0.5-8V
  • Output mode: VW/RTC/TC(Ni/Ti/SS/TCR)
  • Resistance range: 0.05-1.0ohm (TC modes) 0.1-3.0ohm (VW/RTC mode)
  • 3400mAh built in battery

Ello TS sub ohm tank:

  • 4ml (2ml TPD version) I measured 5ml with a syringe
  • HW2 Dual-Cylinder 0.3ohm Head (pre-installed)
  • HW1 Single-Cylinder 0.2ohm Head
  • Spare glass and o’rings

Comes in 5 colors:

Sometimes you just get unlucky

I received the very good looking brushed stainless steel Tessera kit about 2 months ago. The first few days were great, so much so I took it as one of my mods to the ECC show. That night as I was having drinks with a friend and fellow reviewer it kept shutting off on me. I would turn it back on and then a few puffs and again, it was off. I had to look and see what was happening and it turns out it was going into overheat protection. I was running the ELLO TS tank it comes with at only 45 watts so this was odd. My friend has the same mod with him, the sweet looking red version and his was fine.
The next day I tried different tanks and sometimes it was fine but other times it went into overheat protection again. I checked with another friend who had the same kit and his was working fine so I contacted Eleaf about getting a replacement. A month later I had the sexy green Tessera in hand and have been using it since without incident.
I only bring this up as sometimes reviewers get pre production samples, that was the case with me. If not for confirmation that I was alone in my problem from the small sample size I talked with it gave me confidence to give them a second chance. It is easy to slam a company but sometimes you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. I still wanted to relay my experience though to try and be as transparent as possible.

Tessera mod

My first thought when receiving the Tessera was wow, this is a departure from Eleaf’s normal design style…I like it. I was very impressed with the brushed stainless steel finish and the green…oh yeah, it is a sexy little mod with an automotive type finish. I am hoping this is the direction Eleaf will go on future mods as the fit and finish is very nice.

The build quality is impressive with a few exceptions, not crazy about how the back feels hollow when you tap on it and the screen scratches easily if you remove the screen protector. My silver didn’t come with a screen protector, it is scratched up but the green did so it still looks good. I do get some rattle from the silver but hardly any from the green. The fire back has a nice tactile click to it and easy to fire with either your fingers of palm, whichever way you hold it it is easy to fire. Not crazy about the up/down and mode buttons though, they feel loose and with the mode button so close to the others if you have fat thumbs that can be annoying.

The screen is excellent, bright and easy to see under any lighting conditions.

The menu is pretty easy to navigate and made much easier by the 1.45inch TFT Color Display.

The mod is over 30mm but don’t think that means you can fit a 30mm tank on it, it gets that dimension from the bulging screen and back plate. Here is a 28mm Vandy Vape Triple RTA to give you an idea of how it fits.

The 510 is mounted from underneath so no possibility of it coming off with your tank…hello Predator…haha

All in I like the look of the Tessera, I thought the brushed stainless steel was nice until I saw my friends red and now the green…hubba hubba, good looking mod for sure.

Power performance

Even though it is not what I would say mind blowing in regards to power mode it is still pretty damn good. No lag when hitting the fire button, it fires right up and seemed fairly accurate comparing it to my DNA and Yihi mods. One thing that surprised me when trying to run the battery all the way down was how it was still giving me the full 100 watts all the way until it told me to charge, impressive.

There is a preheat function which seemed to work well but it is not the style I prefer. The preheat it set by choosing the power up to 150 watts and duration from 0 to 2 seconds. If your only using one tank with the same coil all the time then that is fine, set it and forget it. I don’t know about you but I use a lot of different tanks though and each can require different amounts of power. I have done it in the past where I am running a high watt tanks with my preheat set high then switch to a lower watt tank and forget to change my preheat…talk about burning esophagus. That is why I prefer a percentage based preheat like Yihi, Smoant and a few others include. A preheat that gives a boost based on the watts you are running at, say it is a 20% boost, that means if you are running at 100 watts it will give you a preheat of 120 watts for the first second or so. Change a tank and lower the watts to say 50 and that same percentage based preheat at 20% will then fire at 60 watts, really helps and saves a step.

One thing I wanted to mention that is a pet peeve of mine is the power steps. With the Tessera starting from 1 to 20 watts the steps in between are 0.1 watts which is fine to fine tune for MTL and low wattage vapers. After 20 watts though the Tessera goes into 1 watt increments which is great and makes for quicker adjustments. If your like me I like to end on an even number, hate mods that land at 54.6 watts, I want 55 dammit…yeah, the OCD is strong with me.

TC Performance

The ELLO TS tank comes with a HW1 coil which is SS so works in TC but I had not gotten to it yet and just coiled up an RDA with a fresh SS316L simple single wire build. My first impressions were good, this is decent TC performance so I was happy for a little bit. It didn’t last long though, thought made the juice I was using was clogging up the coils quick. I then took that same RDA and tossed it on a DNA mod…ahhhhh good TC is back. It did have me scratching my head but figured hmmm, let’s try something else. RTA with a fresh dual SS316L parallel clapton build, a build I am very familiar with. Performance was so so to say the least, back on the DNA and yep, working fine. I then began to mess with the TCR values but when I got to 138 which is the TCR for SS430 and it still sucked I figured why bother trying anymore.

Some builds would actually work decently in TC and others not at all, even the decent builds went from good to blah rather quickly but still worked fine on my other mods. Really this was frustrating and I normally keep trying but it seemed once I got it right, it went wrong quick. It would even kick me out of TC and back to power mode at 20 watts, not all the time but enough to piss me off.

One thing that I am sure contributes to the inconsistent TC is it reads ohms low. Almost a consistent 0.02 off but sometimes as much as 0.05, you need accuracy in ohm readings for a consistent TC vape and it fails there.

Fine mod for power but don’t get this expecting a good consistent TC vape unless you enjoy frustration.

Battery life

The first few days with the brushed SS the battery life was good until it started acting up. With the green Tessera I really felt as if it didn’t last as long, I could not go a while day without charging a second time. This was vaping in the 50 watt range, not like I was running a TFV12 full bore all day, I did try that though, not recommended.

The battery does charge up fairly quickly, I timed it at an hour and a half to fully charge from 0% which isn’t lightning fast but also not bad. That was with a 2amp charger, if using a lesser charge adapter expect longer charge times.

The stated mah for the internal battery is only 3400 but in use it was better than I was expecting. Got much better battery life that a single battery mode using a 3000 mah 18650.

Passthrough charging works, had to use it a few times in the car. The mod will get pretty warm while charging though, I always unplugged it whenever I got out of the car.


I have always had good results with Eleaf tanks and the ELLO TS is no exception. While not my favorite Eleaf tank it does a lot right and the flavor is good. The coils are over rated in regards to power IMO, I tend to enjoy them the most at the lower end of the power range. If I was to go to the top of the power range I would run into dry hits quickly.

I do like that they include 2 drip tips and they are TFV8 810 style, no support for friction fit 810 drip tips though as there is no inner o’ring.

Wide drip tip:

Tapered drip tip:

Fill up is easy enough and the opening is big enough to take glass droppers with ease.

Personally I prefer the HW1 coil over the HW2 but prior experience makes me think the HW1-C may be the better of the 2, I need to order more of those to find out. The HW1-C surprised me with the flavor I got right off the bat but the coil didn’t last long. I wish Eleaf included a HW1-C coil in this kit, it does come included in the Pico 21700 kit I reviewed a little while back. The ELLO TS is compatible with Baby Beast style coils, I tried one with great results.

Coil life wasn’t as good as I was hoping, 2 to 3 weeks max which is probably average but some coils from other mfg’s are getting 4 weeks easily.


  • The paint on the green is excellent and the brushed SS is sexy as well
  • Nice and clicky fire bar with no play and easy to fire no matter how you pick it up
  • Screen is clear and bright, very easy to see in any lighting condition
  • Fits great in the hand and very comfortable to hold
  • Reliable power that keeps consistent until the battery is fully drained
  • Charges quickly if using a 2 amp charge adapter
  • Easy to refill and holds more than the stated 4ml, I got 5ml measured using a syringe
  • 2 drip tips included and TFV8 810 style compatible


  • Up/down and mode button have some wiggle to them and too close to each other
  • Back plate has a hollow cheap feel to it
  • Screen scratches easily if screen protector is removed
  • Mod gets pretty warm while charging, not hot but it should be mentioned
  • Coil life could be better
  • TC is inconsistent, look elsewhere if you like TC

Final Thoughts

While TC is frustrating and they could have done a few things better I still love the form factor of the Tessera mod. The paint on the green version I got is all kinds of nice and the other colors I saw looked just as nice. While I still like a good high end mod I have to admit most are shelf queens and only get used at home. I would like the Tessera a lot more if is was a dual 18650 but that is just a preference. I have never been disappointed having it on the road with me and even though it has been in an out of my pocket and bouncing in my cup holder it still looks new, keeping the screen protector on helped with that.

For me a road mod just has to be comfortable to hold, easy to pocket and have a durable finish, the Tessera checks those boxes. I love the green too, it just pops so I can see myself using it again in the future…need to buy some green tanks.

As far as the ELLO TS tank…ehhhh, it doesn’t do anything particularly wrong but nothing dramatically right either. About the only thing is the color matches but I don’t find it as good looking as the Tessera. If I was to buy it would only be the Tessera and skip the kit with the ELLO TS in favor of a nicer looking green tank. Hell, even a black tank looks good on the Tessera, check out the Geekvape Loop on there.

I am hoping this is the style direction Eleaf is headed, I am a little Pico’ed out. I definitely would recommend the Tessera mod to a friend looking for a simple power mod who vapes in the 50 watt range. Sure it goes higher in watts and does so well but then you will be charging all the time.

If this interests you then I always like to use this site to find the best deal, googling helps as well: http://www.vapecrawler.com/results/tessera

Thank you for taking the time to view my review and thanks to Eleaf for sending these items for review. You can find more info at there website: http://www.eleafworld.com/tessera-with-ello-ts/

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too http://www.steampugs.co.uk/


Nice shade of green, actually. I haven’t seen many mods that wear green well. Nice review.


Thanks man!

I think this is my 2nd green mod, I like green but not a lot of mods with a nice shade of it, a lot of them lean towards teal and who needs that :laughing:


Indeed. Same for that pea green GBOX option.


Oh yeah, not a fan of that green, looks like the same shade of green as this nauseated emoji :nauseated_face:


E-Leaf huh… I wouldn’t have guessed either, seems they are steering away from their simple clean look to keep up with the competition, thanks for the review :+1:


Yeah, it is definitely a departure from there norm.

Thanks brother!


Great review! Eleaf is on the move!


Kinda nice seeing something different from Eleaf! The stainless almost looks like brushes nickel (classy). Good stuff @Mjag and thank you sir!:beers:


Thank you @SmilingOgre and @Eddie

I just saw this morning that Eleaf has a new Pico, funny I said I was Pico’ed out but this new one looks slick and the tank has mesh coil options.


Wow , Whole new makeover. Sharp. I’m digging that tank.


Yeah, the tank looks real nice and 6.5ml with the bubble glass. That kit looks like it is going to sell like crazy and 21700 to boot, I need one.


Yup, me too, I just gave my old one away about two weeks ago. I knew I was making room for something.


Great review @Mjag thanks


Thank you G-Fog!


Awesome review. I got an ELLO with my ikonn kit. It came with the HW3 and HW4 coils. I’ll have to try it when I am feeling too lazy to build. That probably is the best looking green mod that I have seen.


Thank you @anon96069639 and @Jim22

mrpipes, I bet your wife would love the red, I saw it in person and it has the same excellent automotive type paint finish, looks like it is on fire!

Yeah Jim22, they got the green just right on this one