Eleaf IJust 21700 OgreVision



The OgreVision strikes again!

Alas I can’t repost this one (or any other video) due to new anti advertising laws in Israel. I can get into serious trouble if I do it.


As always a superb review. Definitely not for me but looks like a good product.


I am very sorry to hear that. Guberment, the same world wide. Thanks for the shout!


Thanks for the shout! Given it’s constraints, I do think it is well made.


Nice one Ogre, I’m kinda jealous of the people that are just starting to vape. They have access to all that nice gear, I wish I had this as a starter kit.

Alas, just vape on and be groovy :grin:


Yeah when I think of the crap pens, cigalikes and the nasty juice I started with, you are so right.

Another masterful video presentation @SmilingOgre !


& @Jim22 ,

Right? I was thinking the same thing as I was going through it, lol. I had some aio-eieio and it put out this tiny puff of tasteless fog and the internal battery quit in about two months. Sure is a different story today. Thanks for chiming in!


Good stuff as always Mr Ogre :+1:

I have no idea what that black strip thing eleaf always seems to include in the packaging…maybe one day we solve the mystery


Lol, it’s a good mystery for sure. Shows up with every product.