El Diablo One Shot - tested [Recipe Review]

Vendor Description:
El Diablo 30ml One Shot
The to end your perfect coffee search.
Like coffee vapes ? Been searching for one that could be your all day vape? Your search is over! A masterful blend of coffee, cream with back notes of nut syrup, years in the making just waiting for the perfect combo of flavors, it’s devilishly good.
:arrow_forward:Recommended mixing Percentage: 20%

Mixed at 16%
GC homogenized + 1 day steep
Tested on the Voltrove 30 V2 SE, velocity deck, dual aliens, 0.10ohms, 90 watts

WOW This one shot is amazing! It has an amazing flavor and is the perfect strength (at 16%) for my taste.
This coffee mix has a creamy, sweet, warm caramel nutty taste that reminds me of Starbucks Toffee Nut Syrup !
Trying to pick out any of the individual flavors is nearly impossible, I can see A LOT of work went into this one
The coffee note is just perfect here, not overbearing, and evenly balanced with the cream / nut syrup, I would say even the Java haters would enjoy this one !
Well done Zippy, very well done !


Wow, wow, WOW @Rocky02852 I was hoping you’d take a ride on El Diablo !!!


I’ve been wondering about this one, since first seeing it. How’s a guy supposed to resist

Thank’s for the ‘report’ @Rocky02852 :+1:


Thanks to you @SessionDrummer for the heads up when @FlavorChaser dropped this one, I was on it like flies on horse poop :rofl:

NP Brian, this one is Goooood :yum:


Thank you so very much @Rocky02852 this mix was a tough go but I couldn’t stop until I nailed it. Coming from another coffee enficiando your review gave me the warm and fuzzies and made Ithe torture all worth while :kissing_heart::heart:


You’re welcome, I’m really enjoying this one :+1:


This sounds heavenly! Would be interesting if it holds up when used RDL or MTL! 90watts is far away from how I vape! Nice write up @Rocky02852


I can’t say, but at 16% it was fully saturated for my taste. Zippy likes her flavors much more saturated than me…
Just an educated guess, at the recommended 20%, I think it would hold up good in mtl :ok_hand:
Thats kind of the beauty of One Shots, you can dial them in…