Ehpro Bachelor X RTA Review by Mjag

Hello once again and thank you for taking the time to view my review of the Ehpro Bachelor X RTA that was sent to me by my friends at


  • 25.2 x 43mm(without 510 thread)
  • 3.5ml Innovative single coil build RTA
  • 5ml Extra bulb glass tube included
  • Centered build system making installing coil super easy
  • Gold-plated deck for perfect electrical conductivity
  • Adjustable bottom-up direct airflow control
  • Easy top filling design
  • PEI 810 wide-bore drip tip with high heat resistance

What’s included

  • Bachelor X RTA
  • Allen key
  • 5ml bubble glass
  • pack of spare o-rings
  • 1 sheet of cotton
  • 4 extra gold plated grub screws
  • 3 Pre-made parallel clapton coils
  • User manual

Available in 3 colors

Getting to know the Bachelor X

There has been a boatload of single coil tanks coming to the market lately. I have always been more of a dual coil kinda guy but must admit, there are some excellent single coil tanks that are winning me over.

Ehpro has released there Bachelor X which refines there previous efforts in the Bachelor line. Never had much desire to try the previous Bachelor series, they looked like tootle puffer tanks to me.

It does have a similar appearance to the Vandy Vape Kylin Mini, so much so that I would sometimes pick up the wrong one.

The deck is were the similarities end though, the Bachelor X uses a deck that while making it easy also generally requires you to remove one of the grub screws to install your coils. For large and wide coils removing both grub screws may be necessary. I am not crazy about that as twice the screw has fallen to the floor and luckily I was able to find it rather easily but it can be a nuisance. They do include 4 extra grub screws and they are of excellent quality, did not need to replace any of the grub screws after more than 7 or 8 builds.

Check out the large wick holes

Comes with 3.5ml glass installed

With 5ml bubble glass on Creator mod

Overall a pretty simple deck to build on and the big wicking ports are a plus. 4 post holes as well means it doesn’t matter which way you wind your coils, clockwise or counter clockwise you can install them easily.

The build quality is very nice but the threads are not as smooth as I would like. Never had any problems threading on the chimney or the top cap though.

In the manual I read they have 2 versions, one with a child lock on the top cap. I can’t speak to that version but apparently to open the child lock version you have to press down on the top cap and twist to open.

The 810 has an internal o’ring so all of my friction fit 810’s fit nicely. Some of my dual o’ring TFV style 810 drip tips would not sit flush, the inner o’ring could have been a little better positioned to avoid this.

Smooth AFC, not too loose or tight and easy to adjust.

Large kidney shaped fill holes, you can forget about the glass dropper and just carefully pour directly from the bottle.

Builds and performance

Ehpro does provide 3 very nice parallel claptons.

I could not find any information on them but my guess is they are nichrome. I started off using the included Clapton and the results were very good.

Included coil installed high

Side pic

I decided to install the coil to the high side, briefly looked at the low side but it would block the airflow too much I felt.

Wicking is pretty straight forward but make sure and thin your tails out well. You need to wet them down first to make sure they clear the threads. Overall wicking was not bad but you need to take care or you can develop a vapor lock. I actually would have prefered if they would have kept the threads continuous while reducing the wicking slots slightly. This was you would not have to worry about your wicks getting caught up when you installed the top cap.

My first build using the included coils was pretty damn good with good flavor and decent clouds. I won’t say the best flavor but pretty damn good.

I did try a build with the coil facing down, as close to the airflow as possible.

Don’t need too much wicking and make sure it is thinned out.

Be mindful of the threads and make sure the wick isn’t compressed

My suspicious were right, talk about a tight draw, a coil right above the air hole really cuts down the airflow. I am sure some will enjoy this, close to MTL but I did not feel it increased the flavor and just not my kind of vape. This build was replaced after a day.

Since they included 4 posts then why not try a dual coil stacked build? For this I went with 26g nichrome 8 wrap spaced, first coil installed facing down, second facing up. Since I knew a pair of big coils would be difficult if not impossible I went with a 2mm post. Being a smaller diameter coil that meant I would not be choking off the airflow as well. I went with spaced coils as trying to get contact coils to glow evenly would be a nightmare as the bottom coil is hard to reach.

My first thought while doing this build is why am I such an idiot. A lot of moving this and moving that to make sure the coils are not contacting each other. You also have to check that the bottom coil does not contact the deck and the top doesn’t hit the chimney. It wasn’t a nightmare but I had my doubts it would be worth it.

Wicking was a little tricky as you have (2) 2mm wicks combining so you have a LOT of thinning to do. You also have to cut the wicks for the top coil a little bit longer than the bottom as it has more to travel.

To my surprise this build came out delicious and could easily take more power, not a crazy amount more but 10 to 15 watts more power while chain vaping. The flavor took a jump, I guess when you have the coils both on the top and bottom it covers all the bases.

I would have to say the Bachelor X in single coil mode is a notch below the Vandy Vape Kylin Mini and Geekvape Ammit 25 but with this dual coil build it is right in the mix with both of them, maybe a little more so.

I will say the Bachelor X is easier to wick than the Kylin Mini with those thin wicking ports. The Kylin Mini has more available airflow so that is a consideration. If you are frustrated wicking the Kylin mini then you might want to give the Bachelor X a shot. The Bachelor X is not foolproof when it comes to wicking, you can get vapor lock but it is easier than the Kylin mini for sure.

One thing one your leads, make sure you cut them as flush as possible on the Bachelor X. On the build below I did have to go back in a clip the leads again as they contacted the barrel when I screwed the tank back together. Make sure you always check that your ohms have not changed when re-assembling the tank.


  • Good flavor in single coil, excellent flavor with stacked dual coils
  • Large wicking slots
  • Large fill holes
  • 3 very nice included parallel Claptons
  • Excellent gold plated grub screws
  • 5ml bubble glass included and capacity verified with syringe
  • Fit all my 810 friction fit 810 drip tips with ease


  • Care needs to be taken with wicking to avoid vapor lock
  • 1 or both grub screws need to be removed to install coils
  • I would have liked a bit more airflow
  • 510 pin a little too short, not recommended for hybrid mods
  • Be careful with your wicks so they don’t come in contact with the threads

Final thoughts

I do feel there are better single coil tanks for flavor but the Bachelor X is no slouch. You won’t be winning any cloud competitions either because of the restricted airflow but that is the nature of the beast for single coils. The dual coil stacked build is a surprising winner though, glad I tried it. That elevated the Bachelor X to another level but I am betting a lot of people will be more than happy with a single coil, it still is a fine vape.

I do feel the Kylin Mini gives off better flavor but the wicking can be an outright pain in the ass with that tank. If you don’t get the wicking right with the Kylin Mini is below average. If you have a Kylin Mini and it frustrates you then the Bachelor X may be the answer for you.

Overall The Ehpro Bachelor X is a fine tank and I am enjoying the hell out of it with the dual coil stacked build. It doesn’t do anything super innovative but what it does it does well.

I want to thank for sending me the Ehpro Bachelor X to review. Priced pretty well on pre order, just $25.75 for the SS version.

Here are some pics of the Bachelor X on various mods:

Smoant Battlestar

Tesla Nano 120

Eleaf Tessera

Think Vape Exus

Smok something or other, don’t remember the name…lol

Eleaf Pico 21700


I like the look of these little tanks, almost like an “RTA / RDA hybrid”, great review, cheers! :smile:

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Thank you @anon96069639 and @Grubby

I like the looks of it as well. I can’t recall what this style of tank use to be called with the floating deck, genesis maybe?


Thank you yet again!!! You keep us on top of this crazy industry.


Thanks my friend and your insight is always on point, still enjoying that Ammit 25 you recommended to me.

Was thinking about buying a Asmodus Zesthia but after this single coil rollercoaster I have been on I think I will just sit back and enjoy what I already have.

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I’m kinda in the same mode. The Bachelor looks good but I’ve got quite a collection myself. It’s always great to know about others though. I have a few friends that are a little wicking challenged. This one looks like the perfect recommendation. As you noted, while the Kylin mini and Ammit are great for flavor they are quite finicky when it comes to wicking. They both have a fine line between muting and leaking. I could see my friends depositing them in the trash can.


Jesus I can’t keep up with this massive influx of RTA’s lmao…looks like a good one though, might have to stick it on the list :wink:
Awesome work as always brother :ok_hand::+1:


The Bachelor wins on ease of wicking for sure compared to those, all around it is a good tank, maybe just a tad short of the top. We both have been on a tear lately getting tanks, need to slow down for a bit.

@anon96069639 yeah, I hated the gumball look when it first came out but now I am numb to it since it is so prevalent. I never even bothered to use the 3.5ml glass, just went bubble right away. 3.5ml is not bad now that I think about it though, most are 2ml for that damn TPD.

@Steampugs it is hard to keep up with all these RTA’s but I think I only have 1 RTA left on the review que, the dual coil Blitzen…on Donner on Prancer…lol. Of course I am a junky though and have a lot more I purchased that I haven’t gotten too. Thanks brother!


ah I got a couple of Blitzens through in the last one…looks awesome, god knows when I’ll get round to it though lol…


Great review! I loved seeing the different builds you did. Very cool! :ok_hand:


Thank you my dear!


@Mjag yet another winning review here mate. Love the different setup pics, as it really does showcase things for the reader better.


Thanks my friend!

Funny, since I had to slow down on reviews I went back and threw a build on the X and am enjoying it again. Using the time to use products I enjoy.


A powerful statement brother man.


I do enjoy it but for complete transparency the Asmodus Zesthia is my favorite single coils RTA but it doesn’t blow the X away. Flavor wise hard to go wrong with the Vandy Vape Kylin Mini but that one is a pain to build on at times, built the X over it as I wanted easy…lol.