ECC Ontario CA 2018 show coverage

Got to attend the ECC Ontario CA 2018 event and thought I would share some of the cool things I saw. It is a lot of fun and if you love to vape you have to make it out to a show when in your area. Met Deuces Jack, really cool dude who was getting video interviews for Met a lot of cool people and a lot of old friends.


I will start off with one of the coolest things I saw, the Squid Industries Tac 21 prototype, this thing is a beast and Eric was true to his word, their already available to order:

The Tac 21 is definitely on my to buy list (Edit: I just bought it…lol) just deciding if I should get the black or wait for the silver. This is one solid mod, everyone who saw it was impressed. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Not sure if this was at the booth, the Squid booth was constantly packed so I probably missed it but perusing the website I saw the PeaceMaker tank…Looks cool and is compatible with Smok Baby Beast coils.

More info can be found here:

Desire Designs

These guys had one of the larger booths at the show and were showing a lot of cool stuff.

The Cut single 21700 and Rage dual 18650 Squonk mods were pretty cool, I definitely see one or both in my future:

I am loving the colors they are releasing on their mods and tanks.

Look at that Blue!

Single 21700 X Mini mod with a new tank…nice looking combo!

These new tanks are way more impressive in person and are compatible with Baby Beast X coils.


I have to admit that I did not know Marvec before the show but I sure know them now, they had some beautiful products.

This DNA75 chipped mods looked fantastic

Their Mech’s were sick and compatible with 21700, 20700 and 18650’s

They had some nice VV mods as well

They had a lot more at their booth and everything was impressive, I am going to keep an eye out for their products from now on.

I will be adding more as time permits but be sure and check out Deucesjack from video coverage



Most of us are familiar with Vgod, they make some nice stuff like these 2 gems

I really got excited for this kit which I was told would be $99 for both the mod and tank, I thought they looked great and felt solid.

Vandy Vape

They were showing off their new Pulse Squonk regulated mod with a Gene chip, that’s right, the same chip from Voopoo fame. Not sure on the time frame but I know I want one.

Of course Vandy vape had a lot more at there booth but most of the stuff we already know and their booth was packed so it was tough to get more pics.

Vicious Ant

Ok, let the salivating begin because wow do they have beautiful stuff. I am just going to post pics, words are not necessary.

whoops, how did that pic get in?


Always enjoy visiting with the people at Vaptio and they assured me that this year their distribution will open up big time. That has been a problem in the past, not enough places to purchase a Vaptio product but that will change this year.

Wall Crawler is a cool little mod for sure

Their new Super Bat 220W mod looks pretty cool.

I didn’t get the name on this but it looked pretty cool, the cap is magnetically on so it protects your drip tip when in your pocket but then comes off and will attach to the bottom of the mod when in use.

They also showed the C-Flat Executive kits which look nice and blingy


Awesome pics brother…do vicious ant really give you a matching stab wood box??..that’s just fucking unreal…


Great job beaut! Those Vicious Ant mods :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: And the PeaceMaker tank looks a beauty too! Thanks for sharing! :kissing:


Wow, some gorgeous stuff there! :heart_eyes:


Thanks brother!

I think those are limited editions that come with the matching stab wood box, didn’t get the price on that but the stab wood squonkers with just there normal boxes were on sale for only $500 at the show, normal price $700, too rich for my blood but damn are they sexy.

Thank you @Lolly and @VapeyMama, these shows are exhausting but so much fun, you both have to attend one when there in your area.


Beautiful pics!!! It’s better that I saw the show this way. I still have a little money left.


Awesome pics mate sounds like you had a blast! That marvec gear is something else


Good way to look at it, I might have some money left if I didn’t attend…lol. Thanks bud.

It was a lot of fun @KingPin, I think there is a show coming out your way soon isn’t there? If so you gotta go, you will have a blast for sure.


I’ll have to keep an eye out mate


All those pics make me drool.

Vicious Ant always has some nice stuff, their tube mechs are top notch,


OmGosh! That Marvec is a stunner!!
Very original.


Brilliant idea!!
Looks like some nice innovations keep rolling out. :smiley:


They had another one too that looked even better but a guy at the booth already had it in his hands to buy. I was tempted to buy one myself but the old DNA75 chip which I am not the biggest fan of.

Your right bud, I am hoping this year will be chock full of innovations, I know Evolv has hinted that they have a lot of new things for this year.


I hear that!
Kind of telling how long it took them to get the hardware aspects together (unless they got *one hell of a deal on old stock). Seriously, why else would they go with that? :thinking:

Anyways, appreciate being able to live vicariously through your story and photos!


Wake Mod Company

The Littlefoot is a great little mod kit and the flavor out of that subtank is excellent. I already bought the blue with black panels but had to pick up the red with white panels.

There releasing some RDA’s sometime this year, here is a pick mixed in with the Wake RTA’s

This Zilla mod kit looked pretty cool too, was tempted to pick one up


First chance to see the other colors of the Tessera, I have the SS in for review. That green looks killer!

My favorite e-liquids at the show

This right here is my new obsession, if anyone knows of a good recipe to clone this please let me know.

The sweet and salty popcorn tastes just like your in the movie theater, love it so and the Caramel popcorn is tasty as well. I like this a lot more than PopDeez Cinnamon Roll Caramel Popcorn.

Shinjin Vapor

My homie Phil chillin out

Wow have these guys come a long way since the last time I met them at the ECC show about a year ago in Santa Anita. All the flavors I tried were excellent especially there Deja Brew and a killer Banana Nut Bread. I could go on and on but all the flavors I tried were legit as fuck, I found out later they were voted best e-liquid brand of ECC…well deserved!

A UK Juice line I found very impressive, their Wicked is a Strawberry Smoothie with double cream, no shit, that was probably the best SB cream vapes at the show and the cream was double for sure. Really impressive line, I wish I had remembered to stop back and pick some up.

Tried a few salt nic brands but this one was impressive, the flavor really came through in a pod and I wasn’t coughing up a lung with 25mg like some juices.

Wound up getting the Red Mango and Green Apple for some pod reviews I have coming up, good stuff for sure.

Small booth, almost didn’t stop but I saw someone’s reaction when they tried there Cappuccino so that got my attention. Let me say this Cappuccino is good and a light. almost clear color so I am hoping it is not a coil clogger. Wound up picking up bottle of that cap and also the Apple which was really tasty as well.

Drex Drips Login • Instagram

Almost missed this booth, right next to the Squid booth but my friend got me and told me I gotta try this line. Met Adam Drexler who is one of the coolest people I met at the show and his line is legit. Picked up a bottle of That Ish which is a banana cream cookie with a hint of caramel. Also got No Filter, a Apple Pie with vanilla bean ice cream and a bottle of Chill Melon from his menthol line. I usually hate menthol but that was so good I had to buy a bottle.

He picked up a lot of business there just based on how good his line is, he is looking for a UK distributor too so heads up.


You got a point, could be there just a small company or maybe it has been available for awhile and we just never heard of them? I would have picked it up for sure if it was the new DNA75C though, such a sharp looking mod.

If you ever get a chance to attend a vape convention you gotta go brother, we expect a detailed account of the fun you had too!


Looks like they’re a Malaysian company petal - although they do have distributors all over, including one in the UK.

A new popcorn for you to try @Steampugs :tada:


Huh, they all spoke with that fine British accent and when asked they said yes, UK based…if you can’t trust a Brit then who can you trust? :wink:

Pugs popcorn fan then damn, he has to try that Kernel eliq, it is crazy good :+1:


im gonna…if I can find the fucker… :grin: