E liquid discolouration

I now have several mods and tanks, and have found that coils tend to last much longer than I had anticipated. Because of this I find myself topping up my preferred Nic Salt liquids a lot.

I have noticed that most liquids remain clear for some time in a new or recleaned tank, and with repeated use become discoloured and darker. I assume this is from contamination from the coil being repeatedly heated.

I am beginning to wonder whether I should clean my tanks or change coils more often. However this discolouration of the liquid doesn’t seem to spoil the flavour. Eventually the flavour starts to disappear and this is when I clean everything out.

I am wondering if I am doing things wrong. I am a beginner and your comments on this would be welcome.

Is it OK to keep vaping the E liquid when it turns into a darker coloour?


It’s the carbon deposits and other crap that cakes up the wick and coil contaminating your liquid! If you are using rebuildables just clean the coil and re-wick or if it’s a stock coil then I would swap out if it’s contaminating your juice!


Many thanks