Dvarw MTL CL Chimney

Good Morning All - A bit of information came my way that I wanted to share with the Dvarw community. When I saw that the new Dvarw MTL CL had come out, I sent the following question to KHW Mods, the makers of Dvarws, for those folks that had thoughts (as I did) that they could retrofit the new chimney into their old units:

“I need to know if the new metal chimney in the MTL CL 22 is interchangeable with the old PEEK/Snap in Metal Cap assembly in the MTL FL 22?”

I received the following reply, and this is an exact quote:

“no, you cannot use the metal chimney in the FL”

I hope this helps.


Damn it Jim, I’m a wizard and not an MTLer.


That clip is a hoot, and I know 'em all!


I’m sure you do Jim - just a reminder. Although you never mentioned the DS9 crew addressing Tribbles.