Duomei Single Flavor Notes by Luke Loop

These flavors are from liquiddiy.com.au

I will only give honest feedback. I use a single coil RDA 0.2 Ohms at 55 Watts

I am fussy with flavors and expect them to be perfect so I can be pretty harsh. I do not often publish reviews. I DID NOT TEST AN EXTENSIVE RANGE OF %. For al I know they should be tried lower as they are quite strong.

Anything scoring above a 6/10 s worth getting or having in some form.

All tests at 0.6% unless otherwise stated

Tested after 14 days:

Bubble gum
.Fruit Loops
Green grape
Salty caramel
Sour Lemon
. Sour Mango
Sweet Mango
. Sweet Pineapple
Thailand Lime
. Vanilla custard

  1. Bubble gum: Well the sniff test was pink Hubbu Bubbu. First draw impression was Oh! this has damn anise in it. Why the hell?, is this going to be another VT bubble gum disaster? Luckily, it was not a heavy anise flavor but still present and luckily able to be masked quite easily with another flavor. I am strawberry mute but did not get any “green leaves” or usual off strawberry notes. It was more like a tape flat bubble gum, pinkish, not dry, or too powdery but it had a bit of that “bubble tape” dust texture to it which made it feel like a bubble gum. I would not call it juicy and it was not dry. It was smooth and no throat hit. I did not mind this but I would add some other flavor to it to bring it home. Not sweet, would benefit from some sweetener if going for gum. I would layer this with WF Bubbu Gum no problems for more gum flavor. I think pushing it would bring out more anise, which was mostly present in the end. Loopy Score 6.8/10

  2. Butterscotch. It had that smokey taste to it which just does not sit well for me, Not much flavor at 0.6% I had to bump this one up to 1% and hope that smoky vibe was not coming along for the ride. On the knuckle it tasted good, that butterscotch lozenge flavor that is like that caramel/ butter flavor that is comforting and was hoping it would translate into the vape form. Will it improve at 1%…Well, no not really for me. It had some promise and maybe I need to play around with it more but it was not a very saturated flavor at this percentage. I reservedly give this one a Loop score of 5/10

  3. Cherry 0.2% This one had a strong smell from the bottle and admittedly I was not looking forward to vaping it. It had the smell of nail polish and tomato sauce to it. I told EyeMSam it might be a good thing as although it had that smell in the bottle I could still smell a nice cherry in the background so I mixed this one initially at 0.2% just in case. Well, I took one for the team and was not as bad I was expecting. It was not like a fresh real cherry but more toward the cherry you get on top of an ice cream sundae those red glazed ones but not as sweet and a little darker. It had a bit of tartness to it actually but also that underlying familiarity of a cough syrup but not an awful one. I would use this flavor if I needed that top end note. I was tempted to bump this up to 0.4% to see what it did. Well at 0.4% it actually tasted better. Now it tasted like the inside of one of those cherry liquor chocolates but without the chocolate. That is what I get from it. I think it would go well in a cherry cola drink, chocolate or bakery of some kind like a pie. Loopy score 6/10

  4. Fruit Loops: Well, the childhood playfulness of Fruit Loops is such as a comforting flavor for many of us. I have tried most of them out there and CAP Silverline Fruit Circles although weak has been the easiest to play with and use so far. I was quite eager to try this one because using CAP at 7% or more is not ideal. This smells like Fruit Loops, does it have much texture at 0.6%? no, not much but at 1% it did have more. It has a good bright loops flavor particularly top end. This can work on its own as a loops flavor but would be an awesome accompaniment to CAPs. I used this alone in a custard where I did not want too much going on and it was quite delightful. A useful flavor to have and I would reach for it every time I was doing a loops flavor particularly at these low percentages. Loopy score of 8/10

  5. Green Grape: Ok so I am expecting something sweet, juicy and tart. Let’s see what I get from this one…Will it be motor oil, will it be purple Hubbu Bubbu. It smells like there is a bit of that purple Hubbu in it from the bottle with some sort of “green” smell. Nope, no purple that’s good if it is supposed to be green. I do get some dryness from this, I was expecting juicy, it has some tartness and a bit of that flavor you would expect from green grapes but not quite. I bumped this one up to 1% and added a drop of sweetener. It was better in terms of dryness and the flavor came out more but it tasted more like some partially ripe green apple juice. It has a pleasant lightly floral note, reminiscent to the smell of a delicate floral apple. It is certainly not red or purple grape. Would work in a white wine type of drink. I kept retrying this one and although not juicy, the flavor was intriguing and called me back to keep re-trying so there is something in that I guess. Loopy Score of 6.25/10

  6. Guava – I did not try this but might update later.

  7. Mint: - When I knuckle tested this one small drop I wasn’t sure what kind of mint it would be. Was it garden mint –NO. It was intense like those dry round mints you get even that inhaling coolness you get from them. I was not in the mood for something like this at the time of mixing so I had to miss this one but suffice to say it was strong and breath freshening.mint.

  8. Salty Caramel. Well we all know salty is a big call. I was a bit worried again with this one due to that “burnt plastic” smell I probably have an aversion to was coming from the bottle but it did have a nice caramel in the background. Fingers crossed…this was similar to the butterscotch at 0.6% in terms of lacking punch. Bumped up to 1% , I did not get any saltiness from this. It was smooth and had a caramel flavor but no sticky mouth feel or anything new from other caramels I have tried. Loopy Score of 5.5/10 but your mileage may vary of course.

  9. Sour Lemon. I really enjoy a lemon vape and there are so many different kinds. VT Sour Lemon is pretty nice so it will be hard to beat I guess. Here it goes…from the bottle it did not smell of pledge but sort of smelled like it was lemon in a Sprite or 7-Up. Vapiing it,It tasted a bit powdery, no rind, just a neutral lemon. No sticky thickness like VT. As we are spoiled for choice with lemons this was nothing new in terms of mouth feel or in your face lemon, probably more of a lemon you would get from a lemonade of some kind leaning towards a bit more natural than artificial. It was not candied so maybe that’s why they call it Sour Lemon. I can see where they are going with it but needs a bit more to make it into the “reach for lemon” category due to the competition. It’s still fine and could work well to boost lemon notes in sodas out there. I would like to push this one a bit more another time and re-evaluate it. Would work well with WF lemon soda. Loopy score of 6/10

  10. Sour Mango. Love them or hate them mangos in real life can be hit or miss as they have that narrow band of just right to them for many people. There are many amazing mango flavors out there at the moment and Duomei has some of them. This one smells just divine. Hoping it is syrupy and lush as their other ones. Sour? Well it was not syrupy, being a green one there was some rind/skin to this one and at 0.6% it was bordering on maybe a smidge over where it’s upper limit might have been but for science I pushed it to 1% to see what would happen. Not much change, a decent flavor overall, I will write more after I try the Sweet Mango. Loopy score of 7. After trying the Sweet Mango these are different, you could layer them but probably not needed unless you want rind.

  11. Sweet Mango. Will there be a total banger in this lot. I am optimistic as this one smells amazing. It has that deep well rounded aroma with no off notes. Like a thick mango syrup from a can, sort of like what you get with the thick syrup in a sliced peaches in syrup can. Wow oh wow!, the flavor on this one was totally on point. Fleshy inside, no skin, for those that know it is just like a Kensington Pride Mango, which is my personal favorite. Pushed to 1% no off notes. Very nice indeed and will always reach for this when making a mango mix. Some points off for not being sticky like the new FLV mangoes but the flavor is better in my opinion. A Loopy score of 9.25/10

  12. Sweet Pineapple: This is delightful and could be my favorite pineapple so far. It is like VT Sugarloaf but a bit sweeter and does not have that dark burnt edge to it that I pick up from VT. It is very much like sweet pineapple juice with a few floaties of chunk in it. I can’t quite put my finger on it but maybe I have tasted this in an ice-block of some kind. Delicious, pushed to 1% and seemed better up here and a drop of sweetener really helped bring it forward. A Loopy score of 9/10

  13. Thailand Lime I needed to look this one up and found this: “Thai limes are smaller than American limes, but they are packed with flavor and juice . They are also a little sweeter and more similar to key limes”. I did not know what to expect. No strong aroma coming out of the bottle. It turns out it vaped like a soft lime cordial flavor. Semi sweet, soft and not harsh, zero rind, basically like a lime cordial flavor. Not bad, could be pushed I guess. A Loopy score of 6.5/10

  14. Vanilla Custard: Last one, From the bottle the smell is similar to TFA VC v2 but a bit less vanilla. For those in Oz, it smells like a Vanilla Paddle Pop ice cream. It is not like FA Custard premium it’s a more relaxed smooth plain vanilla custard. This can be pushed higher. I used it at 2% as a backdrop note with the Fruit Loops and it was good there as it gave a nice milky vanilla without overpowering anything. It makes a decent canvas for other flavor to ride on. The flavor is nice, It is just not a stand alone thick in your face thing to vape on it’s own but it is decent Could improve after a longer steep as it was only 2 weeks. A Loopy score of 7.25/10


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