Donations for the coming year

I really do appreciate the donations, all the money tops up the hosting and allows the site to continue on, thanks :pray:t2:


I’m bumping this shamelessly :sunglasses:
Donations given are imperative to the running of the forum and are therefore extremely appreciated by us, so thank you to all that donate monthly towards the cause, anything you can afford to give is truly awesome.
And for those interested in becoming a donator then give @Grubby a holla via PM and he’ll forward you the information, or…just click the Paypal tab up there… :point_up_2:

Thanks again you awesome bunch of reprobates :heart: :heart:


To raise money for VC @Steampugs has agreed to sell tasteful nudes of himself (I know taste is subjective)

The Donation price points:

  • Collection of 5 images $5 (Number of nudes will decrease by 1 for every $5 increment)
  • To not receive a collection of 5 images $25

But in all seriousness guys, we would love to see a few more donations if you have a little spare coin you can donate by way of the PayPal Icon top right of the forum or the front page of the calculator or you can purchase some of the VC one-shots available from


Can I get a sample of the nudes before I commit? :grin:


You have done nice work on this site Grubby and team!
I have slid some monthly Dollars in your pocket to help as much as i can,
this calculator is unique i havent seen one of these before!
very good.
I look forward to picking your head @Grubby and helping you if i can