DIY your own craft brew 🍻

A lot of my favorite craft breweries are having a hard time keeping up and I think a lot are switching to making hand sanitizer which is a good thing. That said I enjoy a good craft brew from time to time, can’t do Budweiser…blah.

I like discovering new craft brews, was able to find a new tasty treat most weekends. Unfortunately with this pandemic it is mostly the same stuff. Then it dawned on me, most of my flavorings are also good in food or beverages :beer:

Started out with a VTA salted caramel, about 3 drops. Some INW shisha vanilla 4 drops and a tough of INW brown sugar at 1 drop and definitely improved the bud light platinum to something more palatable. I then tried a shot at an IPA with some pineapple, orange and guava, good too.

You don’t need a lot to taste it, I usually go 4 drops max depending on how powerful I already know the flavor is. I picked bud light platinum as it is 6% ABV so it comes close to what I usually drink, why drink a 4% ABV beer when it takes 4 to get a decent buzz? I am usually good with just 2 beers if it is 6% or higher and that makes my doctor and waistline happy :wink:


A friend of mine owns a local brewery and he buys one of my mixes with MF Wild Raspberry in it he now makes a raspberry beer using it (not the mix but the mf wild rasp)


So they do use these flavorings in craft brews, very cool to know. Cheers brother :beers:


I saw that…too impatient for all that though :laughing: