DIY Flavor Chaser

Well, I wanted to do a little video about the wonderful One-Shot I purchased at Chefs Flavours, where you can also purchase DIY Flavor Chaser One-Shots. If you want a particular mixer eg. Myster Fog then you have to look them up individually.
@woftam d’mango unchained is very good. I mean VERY VERY good.


So glad you love it as much as I do mate thank you for the kind words. :hugs:


Thank you so very much @Dan_the_Man… It always warms my heart to think that we are making others vaping experience a pleasure… :heart:


Aye thanks for that shoutout Dan! Love DanTheMan, hes a nut…


Haha brother @woftam it is quite good and I’m sorry I doubted that. :innocent: It’s too bad I’m such a
cheap skate or I would have gotten it by now.

@FlavorChaser I think y’all rock and I am looking forward to exploring the flavors. I wonder if you noticed when I said " how we do it in the states? " I should have said North America but I had done the video several times already and did not want to do it again and left it there… guiless smile :slight_smile:

@Daveflowers9 you da man! Also, I haven’t sent your package yet but I will. I am merely adjusting to change. LOL (a job) :grin:


Oh yes I caught it… I was born in the states… Have to keep some of my heritage… :joy:
Well I look forward to watching more of your videos… And thank you so much again for taking the time out to do that… :heart:


you’re welcome. I’m sorry it isn’t any better but I will be getting a halfway decent mic soon. :rofl:
I laugh because I have been saying that a lot lately.


No worries @Dan_the_Man… It all takes time. It took me awhile to get set up good. I now have the Logitech pro webcam which has a built in mic that works awesome


yep, that’s what I use too but for some reason that I can’t figure out it started to get distorted. When I playback the video it is very loud and distorted. I don’t know why it started doing that and I don’t know how to fix it.

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Maybe check the settings… I adjust mine occasionally


Man, I have adjusted every setting I could think of. Maybe I’ll try it again but I was thinking about getting a yeti microphone.