DIY Downunder Vs The Fog Vlog Mix Off

Over the last 6 weeks I have been involved in a mix off competition against The Fog Vlog and while we did not win some very nice recipes came out of the comp. The format was quite difficult 2 teams of 6 collaborating on the mix, which made it super hard for both teams. With only 4 days to come up with the recipe and test it (not much steep time so generally flavours that were used have a short steep)

Adding to the difficulty level time zones, stash contents and different mixing styles which, as you can imagine all had a bearing on the outcome.

The format consisted of each Facebook group voting on a profile that was put up in a poll. The first round was fruit

TFV took the lead with a simple mix bending Acai Flv into chocolate.

DIYDU put up a fantastic Peach recipe but unfortunately lost the round.

Round two the profile was pudding where DIYDU took the honours with a unique combo of rose and raspberry,

The TFV guys put up a very good mix with really difficult profile to nail.

The final round was decided last night and TFV took the set and the match with the profile being Small pastry

DIYDU concocted a berry filled pastry pocket with hints of chocolate

Congrats to TFV on the win and thanks to the judges Fresh03, Emily (mlnikon) and Shyndo for your time and effort - next time we will make sure the bribes are bigger :crazy_face::laughing::laughing:


Sounds like a good time was had by all!
Sorry your crew didn’t take the gold, but enjoyed the story, and look forward to having a deeper look at the recipes that resulted! (heading for some shut eye currently)


Unlucky, some good looking recipes though :+1:


Pffbbt. Part of me is still wanting to cry Foul! because honestly, how many in that tiny group of folk have actually BEEN TO South Africa? Much less have actually HAD a “classic milk tart” from there!?!?

I mean… Really! /huff :laughing:
Even if they had a milk tart from the UK, or the EU. Those have to be notably different!

I call shens on the whole ‘authenticity verification factor’! :wink:

My team got rooked! :crazy_face:


Fantastic recipes gained from the competition. So all are winners! I mixed up the South African Milk Tart. It’s steeping.