Dead Rabbit Pro RDA


When I first heard about a Dead Rabbit Pro RDA being released, I had a few misgivings, because I had no idea what it was going to be.

I had visions of the Pro version being a rehash of a previous RDA with a new color scheme or something similar.

This isn’t the case, the only similarity I can see with previous Dead Rabbit RDAs is the name.

Product overview

The Dead Rabbit Pro RDA is a 24mm dual-coil RDA with bottom and side airflow.

What do you get?

  • Dead Rabbit Pro RDA
  • 2×0.37ohm Ni80 Clapton coils+cotton
  • extra drip-tip+side-airflow ring
  • spares+coil measuring tool

So, why an extra side-airflow ring? So that vain people like me can color code their RDA to match their mod; more on this later.

First impressions

It’s quite a modern looking RDA, tapering towards the top like the Nitrous RDA – however the main thing I noticed was that it has two airflow rings, the bottom one opening a slot and the upper one opening two rows of honeycomb holes.

The upper airflow ring controls the air hitting the side of each coil, while the bottom airflow ring controls airflow that hits the underside of each coil through six slots located between each postless block.


The build is all straight forward, I cut my coils with 5mm legs as marked on the measuring tool, dropped them into the deck directly over the airflow slots and secured everything.

Wicking is just like any other RDA, enough cotton to just about get to the bottom of the juice well, a little fluffing/thinning and you’re done.

How does it perform?

  • Build one – dual 3.0mm 0.37ohm claptons - these were the coils supplied with the RDA and unfortunately didn’t come with full specs. Below 65w this build didn’t really perform, but once you get to 65w the flavor is strong as you’d expect from a dual-coil RDA and the vapor production is good. My only problem is that I like more airflow with this type of build.
  • Build two – dual 3.0mm 28g fused claptons 0.18ohm for the pair - this is my usual wire choice for restricted single-coil flavor chasing and it really suits this RDA. From 50w the flavor is strong and accurate, but the vapor production is slightly underwhelming. Push the power to 55-60w and the flavor is bumped up a little, while vapor production becomes far better. With this build the RDA is far more like a flavor-chasing dual-coil RDA than a something designed to cloud out a room.

My preference is for the second build, but this is much more to do with my personal taste than it being better.


With two independent airflow control rings, this is where I thought it would get confusing.

However, with both builds I found having all the airflow fully open gave me the best draw, flavor and overall satisfying vape, it could have fixed airflow and I would have enjoyed it just as much.

Color-matching customization

Included with the RDA are a color-coded spare drip-tip and upper airflow ring, as an additional purchase there are also extra DIY kits that include a different color drip-tip+upper/lower airflow control rings.

When it comes to vapes, I usually go for silver or black but I enjoyed the opportunity to create this pink setup.


This is very much my type of RDA, more of a focus on flavor-chasing than vapor production.


The Dead Rabbit Pro RDA was supplied for the purposes of this review by Hellvape.


Thanks a lot @I_aint_Joe.