Dead Rabbit MTL RTA Review


There are a lot of very good MTL RTAs available, usually my main considerations when reviewing them is flavor and throat hit.

This RTA offers something a little different, but equally important; it’s pretty much fool-proof.

Product overview

The Dead Rabbit MTL RTA measures 23mm, comes with the choice of 2ml and 4ml tanks and four airflow settings.

What do you get?

  • Dead Rabbit MTL RTA (fitted with 2ml glass)
  • 4ml glass+extension
  • 1×0.7ohm Ni80 claptop
  • 1×shoelace cotton
  • spares+tool
  • alternative drip-tip

First impressions

While the actual RTA aesthetics are reasonably restrained and in line with other recent Dead Rabbit releases, the 22mm, two part, reverse tapered drip-tip is far less restrained. It does come with a far more conservative (ie. boring) black delrin drip-tip, but the 22mm monstrosity works really well, so it’s staying in place on my RTA.


  • Coiling - the deck is a standard opposing post design with large lips on the posts that making catching the coil leads extremely easy. Drop the coil in, secure/align it/snip the leads and you’re done. The only thing it’s missing is somewhere to rest a coiling rod.

  • Wicking - the DR MTL RTA is very easy to wick. Due to the honeycomb juice flow ports, you can thin the cotton a lot, which results in excellent wicking and no hint of leakage, moisture or flooding.

I can’t overemphasize how well it wicks, I have the amount of bubbles in the tank that I’d expect from a dual-coil RTA.

Tank extension

This isn’t the first Hellvape MTL RTA that I’ve had with a tank extension, the Vertex RTA had one; it required a tool to remove, was almost impossible to remove and was generally horrible.

The DR MTL RTA’s tank extension is very different. It comprises the tank, chamber and top-fill section in one; you just screw it on/off as you would when building. No tools, no chimney extensions, etc. This is how every tank extension should be done.


While there is an airflow control ring, it’s a little different. Rotating the airflow ring exposes one of four airflow paths to the underside of the coil. While it doesn’t allow you to fine tune the airflow precisely, it does give the options of 0.8, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6mm.

I’m assuming this contributes to the lack of leakage/moisture that I’ve been experiencing.

How does it perform?

  • 28g round wire, 2.5mm 1ohm - this was a nice build for an apple tobacco juice. The overall flavor was good and it picked up the subtle apple flavor very well. From 12w with the 0.8mm airflow setting to 16w with the 1.4mm setting was good. I did try it fully open at 18w, but it seemed a little more power than was suitable for a round wire build in this RTA.
  • supplied coil - while detailed specs were not given, it seemed very similar to the 30g superfine MTL claptons that I use in most MTL builds. Either way, it was really good. The tightest airflow setting wasn’t so great for this coil, but 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6mm were very nice. 1.2mm at 14w gave a very satisfying semi-tight MTL vape with very nice throat hit, 1.6mm at 20w was getting into loose MTL territory.

Overall flavor. While the flavor was very good, it wasn’t quite in the league of something like the Labs RTA, but there isn’t much in it (and it is about half the price of the Labs RTA)


There isn’t anything to negative to say about this RTA. It performs well with different coils and throughout its airflow settings. It’s very easy to build and wicks extremely well.

I wouldn’t go so far as to recommend it as a replacement for a Pioneer, Labs or Bishop – but as a backup, or as a fool-proof first MTL RTA, it would be a great choice.


The Dead Rabbit MTL RTA was provided for this review by Sourcemore who currently have it stock from $19.39


In my time reviewing I never found Hellvape did great MTL tanks they are much more in their element sticking to DL. Don’t get me wrong the MD was a really nice RTA if it fell in your wheelhouse but it was a far cry from being a true MTL gem much better as a loose MTL or even tight RDL this sounds more of the same!.


Thanks for reviewing it @I_aint_Joe.


You’re welcome, thanks for reading.


I get what you’re saying, I never used the MD - but from everything I read it was more of a great restricted DL RTA than a dedicated MTL RTA. I’d probably still pick one up if I saw it locally though, because I like restricted DL very much.

I did however review the Vertex and that seemed to follow exactly what you’re saying about the MD - it would do MTL, but Hellvape had tried to make something that covers everything from traditional MTL to very loose MTL/restricted DL - and while it was reasonably good at MTL, it performed best when used as a restricted DL RTA.

The DR MTL RTA is a little different though, it’s purely MTL with no attempt to offer a restricted DL vape.

I prefer RTAs like this, something that is dedicated to one specific style of vaping, and does it well.


Dead right about the MD apart from it was supposed to be a MTL which was capable of RDL draws like 90% of MTL RTA’s but wasn’t great with tight draws. Yes the Vertex is more proof they are not great at MTL compared to their DL tanks, So if the DR MTL RTA is purely MTL yet it doesn’t perform with tight draws very well then it’s pretty rubbish in all honesty with how many great MTL RTA’s are about now so why recommend a poor performing MTL RTA as a “great choice” for a first time MTL RTA vaper especially when those new to vaping who might well start with MTL tend to require a tighter cigarette type draw which Hellvape just can’t seem to master!


Sorry, I guess I must have miscommunicated, you must have misunderstood. Either way, the DR MTL RTA performs very well with tight settings, I used the 0.8mm airflow setting with a round wire build at 12w, and it was very nice, that’s my go to build for traditional MTL. I thought it worked better with the 1.2mm airflow setting with an MTL fused clapton, but 1.2mm is still reasonably tight and I enjoy MTL fused claptons for slightly more open MTL.

Overall, nothing on its airflow range is anywhere near restricted DL, only its more open airflow setting could be considered loose MTL.


I see, the 28g was good just the supplied 30ga clapton performed poorly with tightest airflow? Simple spaced 28g round wire is the way to go for me so have to go for about 0.7ohm else too many wraps, that clears that up mate! Can you alter the airflow underneath the coil which really controls airflow or just from the control ring?

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Exactly that. I find that some MTL RTAs don’t need anything more than a simple round wire build - the original Pioneer and the SirenV4 for example. It’s not that they are bad with MTL fused claptons, they just don’t need them to be awesome.

No, there are no airflow pins/plugs/etc. Personally, I love the system from the Berserker V3 - no tools required, no need to remove the build or wicking, that’s the perfect airflow pin system.


The Berserker V3 a lot of people like and I am a Berserker fan but although I agree with what you say I never got great flavour out of it (I think @SessionDrummer liked it a lot). If you like you’re MTL RTA’s and also buy stuff the Mea Culpa is the Bees knees and has a really innovative wicking system. It was made in small numbers so no chance of buying a 199 euro original but it’s cloned by countless cloners and a cloned Mea Culpa gives better flavour and throat hit (which can be controlled by the height of the coil) than an authentic Dvarw!


The Berserker v3 did produce some great flavor, and, the air pins could be swapped even WITH a full tank, which I liked.


Sometimes it’s in the mind, I just couldn’t get good flavour but I think my brain already had a barrier up because I remember when it first arrived thinking this isn’t a berserker as all the others had that similar Berserker look while this looked like a completely different RTA which they had just given the Berserker name to sell more units which didn’t sit well with me!


Fair enough, I’ve had that happen.