Customer Service Good & Bad

I thought it may be useful to some to read some customer service stories good or bad. It is great to know your vendors. Maybe start your post with a




Let me start we all know the fickle beast called fasttech sometimes they are good on other occasions not so good this is the latest made me giggle

Fail Fasttech :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I seem to have the best luck with customer service.

chefsflavours for example have always been really good to deal with, quick to reply and always willing to help.


Ya chefs have always been awesome the one time they made a mistake on an order they got back to me within an hour and gave me a tracking number for the missing item.


Another +1 for Chefs字ecently received wrong concentrate, wasnt a big deal but let them know in case it was a coding error. Concentrate received next day via recorded delivery.

Chefs team are awesome.


I agree, Bull City is my go-to. Never had a problem. Although NRs customer service wasnt terrible, but I wasnt impressed either. My first order from them was missing a concentrate. I find a piece of paper in the package that looked like it was ripped off the bottom of a piece of paper that said.( Fuji fa sold out. We will ship it out as soon as we can) Okay? It looked a little shady so I emailed them just to make sure. Well two days later and still no response, I got on ELR and finally got a response that way. Finally after another week I did received it. I was cool with the wait but not cool with the way they handled it. I wish I would of kept that piece of paper