Cthulhu Mjölnir RDA designed in collaboration with Anthony Vapes Review

Thanks for checking out my review of the Cthulhu Mjölnir RDA designed in collaboration with Anthony Vapes. In the interest of full disclosure I have been friends with Anthony for a long time now, really good and genuine person along with being one hell of a reviewer. I always try my best to be impartial, I don’t work for these vape companies and many have stopped sending me products which I am perfectly fine with. Since this is designed by a friend of mine it makes it tougher but I know Anthony would want me to be as honest as possible which is the only way I would review it.


  • WIDTH: 24 mm / 0.94 in
  • HEIGHT: 29.3 mm / 1.15 in (without drip tip)
  • Net weight: 60 g / 2.11 oz
  • Gross weight: 88 g / 3.1 oz

Package Contents:

  • 1 * Mjölnir RDA(with 810 drip tip)
  • 1 * 510 drip tip
  • 1* 510 drip tip adapter
  • Spare o’ring
  • Hex screw
  • Slotted screw
  • 1* manual

Available in black and Stainless Steel

So Cthulhu…hmmmm, what do we have here

My history with Cthulhu is not great, they come out with nice designs but the quality has always suspect. My favorite product from them in the past was the RTA III, I liked my first one enough that I bought a 2nd. That RTA had it’s problems though, one had the AFC ring that would get stuck and I mean bad, almost thought I was screwed with it stuck closed. The other had such a loose JFC that I would sometimes get dry hits as it would easily spin with just a brush from a finger, I could adjust it with my pinky. Overall the quality sucked but I still enjoyed using it. A lot of their former products just did not have the build quality and that always irks me, from shoddy o’rings or grub screws, there was always something that just made me shelf it or give it away.

I was leary of receiving the Mjölnir RDA, what if it has shit grub screws or o’rings that made you want to get a vice grip to remove the top cap? First thing out of the box I put the Mjölnir RDA on a mod to remove the top cap. Came off easily but has just enough grip that you can pick it up by the RDA when on a mod without fear of the top cap coming off and your mod tumbling to the ground…good so far. The grub screws are also good as well and the include spares, (2) hex and (2) slot grub screws, hex grub screws are already installed as well. After 6 to 8 builds the original grub screws are still in excellent shape…hmmm, Cthulhu looks to be upping their game. Even the o’ring for the 810 holds firm but makes it easy to replace your drip tips and every one I tried fit with no problem including TFV style 810’s with dual o’rings. So far so good.

The machining on the inside is not the best looking but everything fits as it should. The top cap has some nice machining, no visible burs and the grooves on top and knurling on the bottom are well done, they don’t seem to serve a purpose other than style though. I guess you can use the knurling for grip when adjusting the airflow but it is not needed as adjusting the airflow is pretty smooth.

Not as many accessories as you would get from say Geekvape who includes so many extra o’rings you can open up an o’ring store. Still you get what you need along with a 510 drip tip adapter and matching clear 510 drip tip.

The included 810 drip tip is a chubby bastard which reduces the airflow hole to just 7.8mm compared to other 810’s with a 10mm opening. It looks nice but it restricts airflow to much for me, I am an airflow ho so pretty much replaced it after a few minutes.

I am guessing the 510 combo is for MTL users or for those that just want a tighter draw. That is the only thing I can think of as to why it is included rather than another 810. I can get pretty close to the draw of a Kayfun or Zenith MTL tanks but I don’t know why a MTL vaper would buy this, swing and a miss if that is what they were going for. You can get a pretty tasty restricted draw but I don’t personally think it is close enough to a Kayfun to satisfy a MTL’er.

Something different, something borrowed and something blue…oh wait, I think that is for brides? just a new design.

I know I messed up that saying but I am not googling it, I don’t care that much. The design of the Mjölnir RDA is definitely something new, I borrowed some pics from Cthulhu’s website to better illustrate it.

Here are some pics I took of the inner workings:

Now hopefully it is apparent by the pics of how it works…ahhhhh, that was easy. OK, I will add my 2 cents and how it worked for me, jeez, I never get a break.

Very interesting design, the airflow is angled down and of course redirected to the bottom of the coil. It has openings though so you can drip down the top into the airflow and the juice will fall into the bottom well which holds 1.8ml. I tested this with a syringe and loaded up 2ml which I was able to get completely in there but I could see the juice very close to one of the airflows. 1.8ml is pretty spot on then, just depends on your wicking, too much and you lose some juice capacity. You do have to give the juice some time to get down though, drip like a madman and take a hit right away you bound to wind up with a mouth full of juice and possible leaking. If your going to fill it up then give it 10 to 20 seconds to make it’s way down and you will be good.

I do like that the 510 is hybrid safe since I would not even think to use it on my hybrid mechs is it wasn’t,

Builds and performance

I tried a bunch of builds from 4mm internal diameter, 3.5mm and 3mm. Various clapton’s as well from triple to quad and even 6 core fused claptons. Building was pretty easy, definitely one of the quickest to build on.

I love big single coils so this RDA makes me happy. Don’t get me wrong, I am usually a dual coil guy but single coil RDA and RTA’s are getting better every year but I usually pass on any that I have to use small coils.

Of all the builds they all performed well and kicked out flavor but the 4mm ID coils restricted the ariflow too much for this guy. 3.5mm and 3mm were both good, my preference was for that 6 core fused clapton 3.5mm ID, love that combo and ohmed out at 0.18 which is what I like on my mechs.

Flavor is pretty damn good, compared to my favorite single coil flavor RDA, the Asmodus C4, it was pretty close. With some juices I preferred the C4 and others it was the Mjölnir but neither dominated the other which is a good thing, the C4 is an excellent RDA and the Mjölnir held its own.

To squonk of not to squonk…

For the first 10 days or so I used the Mjölnir as a dripper, that never happens as I am a squonkaholic but with the reservoir I was able to get about 35 draws before having to refill. It really brought back my love of mechs which have been neglected lately if they don’t have a squonk bottle.

I begrudgingly installed the squonk pin, love my Dominus 24 mech and was having fun using it again. put it on the Topside and for more mech fun my Ehpro Iguana squonk, love that thing.

The first thing I learned is you have to pay attention, I am use to giving the bottle a squeeze each time I pick up the mod to take a vape. With the big juice well that is a mistake though, if it is full you have about 30 to 35 draws before you have to squonk. Hit that bottle when it is full and your gonna get a leak, where else is the juice gonna go? Admittedly I over squonked about 3 times before my brain kicked in…it was…Oh noooooo and running to get a paper towel. Once I got accustomed to it then no problem other than the having to wait when you run dry, the juice needs to make it up the cotton since it fills from the bottom. I was using the Vandy Vape Pulse X RDA right before getting the Mjölnir, got use to the coils being painted when I squonked. That is a nice feature I wish the Mjölnir had, a feature I wish all squonk RDA’s had as it is easy to get use to.

If the Mjölnir had a system to paint the coils when you squonk I would like it a LOT more. I like a saturated coil and the main reason I really enjoy using the Mjölnir as a dripper over squonking. Once the juice well is full it wicks just fine but let it run dry and you have to wait a bit for the juice to make it up the cotton. You can squonk enough that the juice will make it up the air hole and hit the coil from under. The problem with that though is you risk spilling juice out the airflow holes.

If you pay attention just squonk after 15 draws, this way the well doesn’t run dry and keeps your wicks nice and juicy. It is different but works, you just have to get use to it.

I really enjoyed it on normal mods in dripper mode, not just my mechs but my lower powered mods and single battery, that single coils doesn’t need massive power.

Here is a pic I am sure Anthony would appreciate, the Teal Maestro himself…lol


  • Great flavor
  • Quality hex grub screws
  • Excellent o’ring tolerances
  • Slot grub screws are included as spares along with spare hex screws, pick you favorite
  • Can take up to 4mm inner diameter coils
  • 1.8ml juice reservoir
  • Easy to build
  • Double chamber works in keeping the top from getting hot


  • I would have liked a touch more airflow
  • Included 810 drip tip has a 7.8mm opening compared to 10mm for most 810’s
  • Would have liked a 2nd 810 instead of the 510 adapter and drip tip
  • You have to get used to squonking with it due to the reservoir, squonk less often
  • If you let cotton run dry when squonking you have to wait for the juice to make its way back up the cotton as it fills from the bottom

Final thoughts

The design of the Mjölnir RDA is not something we have seen before and it works. It does take a little getting use to since it is different. You have to give the juice time to make its way into the reservoir if dripping and be mindful if the reservoir is full or not if squonking. That said it doesn’t take long to get use to it and while not perfect it is pretty damn good.

I have to give kudos to Cthulhu on upping the build quality as well. In one review I did for them more than a year ago I talked about how the engineering is great but the build quality sucks. They have been getting better and better and my usual complaints about them have all but vanished, I hope it continues and the last few products from them have been a lot better.

Cthulhu and Anthony Vapes did a great job on the Mjölnir and it is not just another cookie cutter RDA. They have produced something unique that actually works and I bet other companies are gonna copy some design aspects. I would love to see a dual coil version of the Mjölnir RDA but 24mm will probably be too small, 28 or 30mm? Cmon Anthony, you know big tanks are the shiznit, we needs it…Woot!

I did receive the Mjölnir RDA free for review but I put up my own money and ordered the black, hey, I got more black mods than SS and I plan on using it after this review. A friend of mine tried it out as well, didn’t tell him who designed it or anything but he is a mech hound and wound up ordering both colors right in front of me on the Aliexpress app for about $22 each, good deal.

You can find out more here: Mjölnir RDA -Unique Double Chamber System – CTHULHU MOD -Innovations for You

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too http://www.steampugs.co.uk/


Great review @Mjag thank you.
It’s good to see Cthulhu have upped their game.


Amazing review brother, he’s a good guy Anthony Vapes I like him, looks like he’s done well here, not convinced if Cthulhu was the right company to go with but they seem to have done an ok job with the build. anyway…nice to see the Iguana getting some airtime :wink: thanks for sharing man :ok_hand:


Thanks G!

I am happy to see Cthulhu make stuff that doesn’t feel cheap, this is probably the best quality item I have ever got from them. That is not saying a lot as some of there stuff was garbage but now there stepping up to the geekvape level which for them is big. I mean really, some of there stuff you had to retighten one of the posts as it got loose on the 2nd build and it was stuff that wasn’t built to last, really bugged the hell out of me.

Thank you @anon96069639. I don’t want to name names although I would if they asked me to do shady stuff. Most are from mfg’s who just send stuff and don’t even ask if you want to review it. I have to be more picky when it comes to review items as I just don’t have the free time during the holidays. Some just don’t understand that and continue sending stuff, if I didn’t agree to it then I don’t feel an obligation to review it. They of course don’t like that and eventually stop sending stuff which is perfectly fine by me :grin:


He is a good guy and told me he has a design for a 30mm RTA, dammit, he knows I love 30mm RTA’s, what a tease :grin: I wasn’t sure if Cthulhu was good to go with either but they did a solid job for sure.

Thank you brother


Great review man! I am really tempted because it looks so different, but I am a bit apprehensive about the air flow. Good to see its reasonably priced too. Now lets see that 30mm RTA!


Yep. God forbid you get a good, honest, and fair review.

Even with some of the “negatives/cons” listed, many times they’re not deal breakers. And personally, I’d rather have a good clue before going in. More often than not (like 90 percent of the time) I won’t even consider buying something without having a supporting review from someone I trust and respect.

I saw just last night (on NHK) that things are slowing down in China though. So not really sure how this industry is being affected.


Great review!

That deck looks quite similar in construction to their 1928 MTL rda (and I liked that one) I will look out for this one :slight_smile:


The airflow is not Recurve tight unless you throw a 4mm coil in there. It is not wide open but a nice restricted DL. With a 3.5mm coil the airflow wide open is just right for me, I too drilled out my Recurve after hearing how much more you liked it and you were right, I am finally using it again. Thank bro!

@Sprkslfly that is interesting, the industry does feel like it is slowing down, does it feel that way to you? The other day a friend was wondering why so little DNA250C mods right now, the only one I can think of that is on it’s way is the LV Drone. Seems like a couple of years ago a new DNA chip would have a lot of new mods but I can only think of about 5 or 6 besides the custom mods and Boxers.

Thank you @adary Never tried the 1928 but then again MTL is generally not my style. If you pick one up then please let me know how you like it.





I think China (as a whole) is waiting to see “who/what ‘the shoe’ will be pointed at next” (in relation to taxes, levies, embargoes, etc in the ongoing Trump ‘trade war’). So by default, when comrade govt speaks, comrade business follows of course.

Combine that with the fact that the entire industry is under scrutiny by the US, and yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if returns have increased etc (just as a ‘snubbing’ inconvenience to their economy).

It’s purely conjecture on my part though, as I obviously don’t have a shred of evidence to support the supposition. But, I wouldn’t put it past either of the two mentioned “powers that be”.

There’s also the potential notion that they may have rolled out so much shit so fast to meet previous deadlines (which seem to be continually changing, as well as the terms), that they screwed up their release timeline, and don’t have as much to release now. Then they find themselves scrambling to get back to the design side, rather than rehashing/recycling. (Development cycles and such.)

Who knows. :laughing:
It’s definitely interesting to observe though! :wink:


I tend to think the lines have been redrawn or blurred a bit with the prestige of the DNA chips. There are a few more chips that are pretty decent compared to a couple years ago. I still like my DNA 250C the best, but it seems like some companies are trying to catch up.

Another side to look at is that most of the vaping population will buy whats cheap or what their local store has in stock or pushes on them. Or what looks flashy and trendy. Not everyone will buy the newest Apple or Samsung phone, but are quite happy with last year’s model at a reasonable price.

Besides Lost Vape and Boxer, I know Think Vape, Vapecige and Hcigar have DNA 250c models. I kind of have my eye on that Vapecige… just sayin. :wink:


True but the C series has just bumped it up a notch but then again people who use TC are probably 15 to 20% of the vaping public. Prior to the C series with Replay I would reach for my G Class more often, easier to use and great performance and I happen to like a preheat which DNA’s did not have prior to the update other than TC.

Hcigar has a DNA250C mod? I hope Vapecige releases the Creator mod with a DNA250C, I would buy that in a heartbeat.

We are definitely niche vapers though, like you say most vapers just wonder when Smok will release another mod.


Nope my mistake. For some reason I had it stuck in my head that they did because Hcigar used DNA chips in the past.

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Great review Mjag! Looking forward to this one!


Thank you sweetheart :hugs:

Still using it and getting frustrated that customs has my black one for 4 days now…oh the horror :grin:

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Where did you order from? Aliexpress?


Yep, found it there for $20 shipped. Usually don’t have to wait this long when I order from Aliexpress but USPS is swamped, got a package delivered last night at almost 11PM. It wasn’t the Mjolnir which is about 20 miles from me at the moment so hopefully by tomorrow.

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Great price! With Xmas USPS is swamped so I expect delays are inevitable.