Credit Card Alert


This relates to the Element Vape Data hack as far as I can tell. Someone is using my credit card. My bank stopped it and are issuing me a new card but everyone should be on the alert for this shit. I am assuming that the card numbers were stolen from the Element Vape hack, but I don’t know this. I do know that the card was used in Massachusetts and I am a long way from there in Indiana.


I’ve talked to the CC fraud dept and realized that we used my wife’s card number with Element. So it DID NOT come from there because they did not have the card number used even though we are both on the account.

I hope for everyone’s sake that this is an isolated event.


I had a card stolen and used in North Carolina. Tried to charge $500 at Dollar General, of all places. They blocked it for me.


Yeah, this was a food delivery service in Massachusetts. $180 charge. I’d like to know how and where they got my card numbers, but I doubt that will ever happen. It had to be online and most likely from somewhere I bought vape gear.


Last year my card was stolen (and I know exactly how) and someone in Indonesia tried to charge $17k

Fortunately the bank blocked it and I had no further incidents

The way it got stolen was that I paid for my foster son’s phone bill, and unfortunately we did it from his laptop. He probably had some virus running there


We just went through this with my wife’s cc card like a week ago. Tried to make a 500 purchase at some sports equipment place. The bank did decline it and was issued a new card but no clue how they got her numbers either.


Found out that they have tried to use it two more times since it was blocked last night. Hope they get the fuckers.
I’m opening a debit account and will put $ in it for online purchases as needed but I still don’t like having to give personal info for age verification because that can be used for identity theft purposes. So also doing the Life Guard thing. You can’t have a credit card if you are not 21 so the age verification goobermint bullshit is just stupid. Imagine that.:smirk:


I had a prepaid credit card once so I could buy vape stuff in the US. That was before I found out how expensive the shipping was and also, when they have a 40% off sale, they put the full price on the package so I ended up paying custom fees on top of everything else.

They went out of business and offered another card instead for free, I declined. I don’t need it when ordering stuff in Europe, Paypal is all I need.

I really can’t believe all the BS that goes on with those things. My commiserations to anyone who’s been a victim.
The commiserations are instead of a like. I can’t like peoples post when they are talking about how they’ve been ripped off.


Thank you. The deal with Paypal is that I can pay offshore vendors with it as well as eBay stuff, and do, but Paypal will not do business with most US vape vendors. :roll_eyes:


That’s true… Many vendors do PayPal but many do not.

In truth, there is very little than can be done to prevent credit card theft besides simply not using it. It can be compromised at card-present POS locations like gas stations and B&M’s too, happens all the time.

Best advice I can give really, would be to get a card with solid theft protection, and never link your actual bank account to anything. People do that…


Neither do I so that works out just fine :grin:


Pre-paid Mastercard/Visa from Walmart.
They’re reloadable. And tied to no personal banking info whatsoever. :wink: