Covid-19 pandemic

There has not been much activity here lately so I thought I would ask how everyone is getting along with the virus stuff. Here In my area of the State of Indiana things are pretty crappy. We have a Fiat/Chrysler plant that had confirmed cases but I just read the news where Fiat and UAW finally agreed to shutter all operations. There were walkouts in the Detroit Mi (Walt) area also. I think that it clearly should have been done long before now. My wife manages a restaurant a 1/2 block away from the plant and while the bar and restaurant have been ordered closed, a large % of her business was with those employees. Scary but for now we are both fine.

Everything else is pretty much in lockdown and I intend to stay as far away from everyone as I am able. Just wanted to check and see how everyone is doing.


Pretty much the same here in S. Cali, a lot of places shut down and store shelves empty. Luckily we are good with supplies, use to being prepared as it is earthquake country. I fear the most for my parent’s and aunt’s who are in the most affected age range, staying away from them for the time being.

The economic hit from this is going to be huge. It is not like retail businesses were doing great before this so this will be the nail in the coffin for many retail stores and restaurants. Was happy to hear about the checks the government will send out, that will help out a lot of people for sure. I thankfully don’t need the check but know many who do.

I hope everyone stays healthy and safe out there and I am sure we will all make it out just fine.


Shelves aren’t empty yet in Delaware but they’re getting there. I agree with @Mjag that the hit on both human casualties, and economic cannot even be fathomed now.


Hoping the @Steampugs, @Grubby and the rest of my overseas friends are going ok, staying safe, and vaping on.


It’s going crazy here, possible lockdown coming and army are involved…

Supermarket shelves are being cleared and some minor violence has occurred, the uncertainty has everyone on edge, I mean, it’s killing people, old and youngish, some vulnerable and some deemed to be fit…


I truly don’t understand why some people that are young and healthy seem to believe that this virus won’t kill them. Obviously it has. In the county where my wife works they have gone to a higher level of travel restrictions and have warned that they will arrest violators. She drives about 35 km to work. It is rumored that National Guard troops have been called out but I don’t know that to be fact. Under any other circumstances I would oppose this but not this time.

Be safe Brother.


I was more on the “what’s the big deal” side before, not now.

Be safe grubs, miss ya brother


Same here and for me personally I’m not bothered but I wouldn’t want to pass it to someone vulnerable


Same here I suppose, schools closed as of last Monday, horeca closed, sport schools, swimming pools, zoos, you name it. Events have been cancelled, etc.
So after all those measures people decided to flock to the park and sit right on top op each other :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

People are hoarding like mad. It doesn’t matter that they are told 100.000 times that there is enough.
There is no shortage, distribution centres just cannot keep up with the panic buyers.

My neighbour keeps going up and down with her kids to see her elderly mum and drags them in and out of shops.
She’s never been accused of having a brain :frowning_face:

Day before yesterday they reported 43 deaths, yesterday they updated it to 58, no further updates yet. There were 45 people critical in hospital, don’t know if that number has also risen.
So far all deaths have been among the elderly.

Young people never believe anything is going to kill them, I went through that phase myself :slightly_smiling_face:

My country is aiming for group immunity to build up. So no lockdown, they want 60% of the population to get infected, about 10.2 million people, which they expect will get 1.7 million people hospitalised and will lead to 350.000 deaths.
After that we’ll all be immune…

There is no proof whatsoever that this will work. There are reports from Asia where people have become reinfected.
We have a large segment of the population that is elderly, I guess they are not really needed.

I’ve been a little feverish over the weekend, I have a slight cough and some sneezing here and there.
I got food in the house and stay away from people.
I only go out to take the dog to a park that is very little known and always deserted.
We play football, exercise and fresh air are important.

There are still people who think that way. Yesterday I heard a guy screaming that the coronavirus didn’t exist, nobody was ill in this country.
When someone else gave him the facts, he listened, walked off and started to shout again that there was no corona :exploding_head:

I think it is safe to say that we haven’t got a lot to expect from our ‘rulers’, the incompetence is staggering no matter where you look.
It becomes pretty clear that the most valuable people in society are the ones who have been undervalued and underpaid for a long time.
They are the ones that keep things running ATM, those bonus grabbing vultures are the most useless people of all.

We should keep that in mind when/if things go back to normal and get rid of the lot of em.

Update; we have 76 deaths now, aged between 63 and 95.


Didn’t hear about the walk outs here in S.E. Michigan. Guess I was listening to everything else?

Schools are closed. Bars and restaurants are closed for inside service. Everything involving large groups of people has been canceled or postponed. Traffic on roads is greatly reduced. The floor covering store is almost flat lined. I have cut my hours as to lighten the fiscal burden to the company. I’m not in financial trouble with that decision. It will postpone some plans. My wife is passing out food from the school system and making deliveries to some who have no transportation. I am making calls to relatives, especially older, just to help them and me with the isolation. I know my mind can be a dangerous neighborhood left to dwell on things like this outbreak. Shelves are empty of many products to include the universal toilet paper phenomenon.

People, especially young people are acting like morons. U of M closed and they all rushed out to pack the bars prior to their closure. There is metaphysical reason for this. The part of the brain that processes risk is not fully developed in people under around 25. That lack of development doesn’t explain the mobs in stores but panic does. As a community, Ypsilanti is responding wonderfully. Pretty much blue collar these folks are all pitching in. Our close neighbors in white collar Ann Arbor are talking about it but doing little. Big surprise, lol. My children and grand children in Missouri and Georgia are hanging in there with similar situations. I’m conducting myself as if I have it to not give the gift that keeps giving. My county has 14 cases verified.

Best to all as always!


I’m ok thanks Dman, stressed, really not in the mood to write comedy, but we’re healthy, not broke (yet) and we’ve got a roof over our heads without the worry of a mortgage, which is a much better position to be in than some unfortunate souls.
I may or may not have lost my job which sucks so much ass, time will tell, I’m in the events industry, right before festival season, it really couldn’t have come at a worst time and I just dont see a way out for many companies like ours.
But you know what…we’ll be ok, everything will work out.
My partner unfortunately works for Asda, shes going through some tough times there, people are just dicks…end of.
Hope you’re doing well too man, and everyone else on here, I’ve just felt a bit distant lately, weird times. :heart::heart:


Media claim UAW forced the shutdown. Pure BS. The work stoppages began at Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (suburban Detroit) Tuesday night. Then Jefferson North Assembly. Then Tipton and Kokomo In (here) transmission plants along with Toledo North Assembly, Dundee Engine Plant in Ann Arbor, and Ford’s Michigan Assembly. These were wildcat and set down strikes… UAW threatened Tipton and Kokomo Fiat Chrysler employees with instant termination for “job abandonment.”


You amaze me. Thanks for the update. Meda and UAW… You know my feelings. I’ll stand mute for the sake of trying not to bash, lol. They lies seem to have no bounds.


I’m not at a keyboard but want to report my part of the world. Will soon…


OUTSTANDING Pugs. Lot going on all over, and I hadn’t been posting up here as much as I’d have liked, and thought I’d better drop in. Sorry about the stress brother, but that means you’re still sucking air, and that’s good.

Stay safe @Steampugs.


I hear you @Grubby it’s roughly ths same over here. Right now, the ONLY people who aren’t stressing (as much) are the “preppers”. Obviously you can’t prep your way out of a virus pandemic, but at least you don’t have to race out and arm westle for toilet paper. I’m very glad you’re still kicking Grub.


That’s what make them “young people” @Guitarded.


@Jose that’s what kills me about this type of situation. Fear, and the general public are dangerous bedfellows. I’m not claiming it’s the “Zombie Apocalypse”, but man, if you turn on the TV, not so sure.


I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll be praying for you guys. I’m not in that industry, so I can’t speak directly to that, but my company just went through a major cut down about 2 weeks before Corona really broke, so we’re all in a pickle right now. A pickle of uncertainty. I feel your pain Paul.