Could anyone help me forwarding a pakage to Norway

I need a small favour (big for me). I need help to forward a order of e-juice (non nicotine). Vapeshop internett store does not ship to Norway anymore. :-(. Or any of the other stores.

Norway have started to tax e-liquids with nicotine heavy this fall so I think the English stores got so many orders in return because people did not pay the tax. The Governemt charge £0,4 pr ml in tax.

Shipments without nicotine is no problem. No tax on them. My shipment is 100% without nicotine. The web stores have no option sending without nicotine. :frowning:

I will pay for shipping shipping and as a thanks £15 extra for the hassle. You need to have Paypal so I can pay you.

Could anybody be interesseted?


I am sure someone will help you out (sorry not really an option for me to help from Australia) but should you not get any help you could try a freight forwarder like

(they have a UK hub as well as USA)


I wrote them yesterday. It says they do not send. I am hoping without nicotine might be different, but I do not think so. :frowning:


Myus did not accept. Tried different one but no luck.

Is there a very very helpful person in this forum? :slight_smile:

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Is there a super helpful person here? Please. :slight_smile:

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PM me maybe we can work something out

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Wow wow. Thank you so much for reaching out. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:

I feel a bit helpless. I can not figure out how to send DM on this forum. Maybe because I am new. I am not that noob when it comes to forums. :joy:

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PM sent… :+1:

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