Congrats to Flavour Boss! - ecigclick awards

Congrats to @FlavourBoss for:

  • Third place for “Online Store: Best For DIY E-Liquid Supplies”
  • Second place for “E-liquid Best Value”
  • Second place for “Best Cereal Flavour”

I for one find your e-liquid to be top quality, keep it up!

Best For DIY E-Liquid Supplies:

Best Value:

Best Cereal Flavour


I’ve never heard of Flavour Boss, just had a peek at their website. They have a lot of Flavorah but most of them are out of stock :unamused:


Jose I’ve used a fair few of their juices, can highly recommend the purple slush, but my favourites are fresca and manchee, they are damn good juices


I’m a Tobacco Flower so when the Flavorah tobacco’s are out of stock I’m really out of options :grin:

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Wow, just got to say that pineberry flavour boss do, is quite frankly the best juice I’ve ever had… Jesus wept it’s so damn delicious

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Not one that caught my eye, I could try a small bottle maybe when I order next, could you describe it?

It’s pineapple/strawberry… With ws-23… However on some hits you get a big sweet hit, a lovely sickly sweet hit, yet the cooling hit comes through just after, you don’t taste many that go so sweet and yet make your nose run at the same time

Its my new adv and has been for nearly a month now,what a juice it is!
grubby if youve tried super manchee and liked this is better a good step better too


I’m a raspberry truffle shuffle guy.

Never tried super manchee

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super manchee is ok…not really my cuppa, but Ive flogged a bit of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: