Companies You Won't Buy From

Well there are always those companies that muck you around, pull the old the bait and switch or just plain rip you off - If you have one in mind put your story up here, it may save someone wasting their hard-earned.

I grabbed a link to buy some nice Luer lock bottle seals useful for storing nic long term

To my surprise, they refused to fulfil my order and sent me this nice letter telling me why

I have no idea why they thought that I was using them for cannabis and even if I was it has absolutely zero to do with them.

I sent them back this

I assure you I or my company do not dispense marijuana in any way shape or form as it is illegal where I live (Australia). The FL address is for a freight forwarder I use. It is you right to refuse to sell to a customer for whatever reason you see fit but jumping to conclusions about my business I found very offensive. If you must know I would use these for the storage of nicotine flavoured e-liquid - something else I guess that may stop you supplying to me. I am happy to buy else where.

Even if they changed their mind as far as I am concerned they can GF themselves.


They obviously had his name wrong, so I fixed it.



Vapersgate is the one company I will never buy from. I am not even saying direct, will not buy there products from any vendor. The whole 30mm Dumptank fiasco and the owner telling me on the phone that we all just don’t know how to wick. I kindly told him that how in the hell does a wick job hold up for days on end then one day the juice had evacuated like it had an enema. It was clearly the shit designed top cap that goes loose over time, something they were well aware of since they included shims for said top cap.

Never hated a company and there bullshit as much as Vapergate. A friend of mine actually asked if they would be at a show, I asked him why and he said so he can bring his dumptank and chuck it at the asshole owner.


Element Vape. My first order with them was fine.

About a month ago I ordered a Vapecige VTBox250C mod from them. I got the confirmation email, they processed my order, charged my card and even sent me a tracking number. The next day I got an email saying that they were out of stock of the item and asked if I wanted the same item in a different color. They only sell two colors of that mod, and the other had shown out of stock. I asked if they expected more any time soon and they said they had no ETA, so I canceled my order. It took them several days to fix their website so the item showed out of stock. It took them a day to cancel my order and about 5 more days for my account to show the credit. Not sure how that happens in instant electronic banking. They took my funds right away. Any store that I make a physical return to credits my account right away. So I had to wait 5 days to free up my funds so I could order the mod elsewhere.

Last Wednesday I got an email with a code to take off $25 from a $150 purchase. I used it to order an Odin mod so the end total was $166 including tax and free shipping. Great deal. Got the confirmation email right away.

Thursday morning I get an email stating: “Due to a technical error that occurred this morning, your Order and Payment did not get captured through our system.We understand that this has been a very frustrating and trying time for you as a customer, and for that I apologize. Please know that the problem has been resolved. Now, you can place the order again.”

I responded right away telling them that my order shows on my account information and the status is “processing”. I told them I will not re-order until they cancel my order so I don’t get charged twice for the same item. I got no response all day Thursday. I waited 24 hours and sent them another email Friday morning. Still no response. They are closed on weekends so I got no response for 2 more days. I did some research and found that someone named Kenny responds to complaints on other forums and on the Better Business Bureau website, so I emailed him Sunday. Finally late Monday I first get a response from Kenny and he copied and pasted the initial email I got from Element and offered no solution or offer to cancel my order. I responded to him and told him that he just repeated what I already knew and I need my order canceled.

No response… then customer service finally answered my first email then the second. Neither offered to cancel my order and then they had the nerve to ask me to check my credit card account to see if I was charged for the mod or not. They don’t have access to know if they received payment from someone? Of course they do or they would not send out an order! So I responded yet again saying that no, they hadn’t charged my card, please cancel my order. No response. So its going to drag on at least another day.

They don’t have live chat or a phone number. I have never had to do so much work to try and buy something from a company that is 30 miles away from me. They don’t care about your money and obviously can’t keep of track your money. They have the slowest and most inefficient customer service I have ever dealt with. They will never get one more cent from me… ever.

Edit: Update… This is the response I received from customer service today:

“Thanks for your response. Due to the technical error on our merchant system we are unable to close or clear the order. Consequently this was the reason for us notifying customers with the initial notification. Once again we deeply apologize for any inconvenience and confusion whatsoever that this has caused you.”

So my order is stuck in the “processing” loop. I am not sure how they don’t have the power to cancel or clear the order. To me, it says it is a perpetually open order that could be processed at any time. It wouldn’t surprise me at some point they charge my card when the item is out of stock and I have to go through this circus to get my account credited.


I am sort of happy they wont ship to me then


Yeah, that’s kind of a “cardinal rule” (flag) for me. To me, it says they have a history of having problems and are “tired” of answering the phone. More like, tired of taking the heat, and refusal to rectify their own incompetence.

If I can find a phone number listed (and preferably a physical address as well), I just look elsewhere.

While I hate to hear about such bad experiences, I value threads like this immensely.


I ordered those from Delosi wasn’t sure if you found another company for them?

So when did you get here @MichelleHughes? Welcome.

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I snuck in through the backdoor LOL Thanks for the welcome


Is there a thread to promote good vape companies?
Those with good customer service, quick delivery, and a wide range of quality products?

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