Companies You Won't Buy From

Well there are always those companies that muck you around, pull the old the bait and switch or just plain rip you off - If you have one in mind put your story up here, it may save someone wasting their hard-earned.

I grabbed a link to buy some nice Luer lock bottle seals useful for storing nic long term

To my surprise, they refused to fulfil my order and sent me this nice letter telling me why

I have no idea why they thought that I was using them for cannabis and even if I was it has absolutely zero to do with them.

I sent them back this

I assure you I or my company do not dispense marijuana in any way shape or form as it is illegal where I live (Australia). The FL address is for a freight forwarder I use. It is you right to refuse to sell to a customer for whatever reason you see fit but jumping to conclusions about my business I found very offensive. If you must know I would use these for the storage of nicotine flavoured e-liquid - something else I guess that may stop you supplying to me. I am happy to buy else where.

Even if they changed their mind as far as I am concerned they can GF themselves.


They obviously had his name wrong, so I fixed it.



Vapersgate is the one company I will never buy from. I am not even saying direct, will not buy there products from any vendor. The whole 30mm Dumptank fiasco and the owner telling me on the phone that we all just don’t know how to wick. I kindly told him that how in the hell does a wick job hold up for days on end then one day the juice had evacuated like it had an enema. It was clearly the shit designed top cap that goes loose over time, something they were well aware of since they included shims for said top cap.

Never hated a company and there bullshit as much as Vapergate. A friend of mine actually asked if they would be at a show, I asked him why and he said so he can bring his dumptank and chuck it at the asshole owner.