Come and have a laugh


I got a little santa hat with my last chefs order - it wouldn’t fit on my head so I put it on my Nic :laughing:



For the Ogre…



Subscribed! Cheers


Ya saw that one last night the guy is a genius



Perfect artist sketch; I’m sure they’ll get him.

Funnier than that, it worked!



Always a giggle down here


I really need to come to your country lol, my best friend is on his way there now actually


Watch out, they eat bugs.


And they infested us with things called judges!


Kangaroos and their courts have no sense of justice - just the other day one crashed into my car and just pissed off.


I would eat a bug lol I don’t care, the only thing that has kept me from going there is that every animal there wants to kill you lol




Pretty much lol my buddy went there a year and a half ago and went hiking in the wilderness by himself lol, he also met a chick from India while he was in Australia and now they are legally married in India, and she is waiting for immigration to let her in the country here, he’s flying there to see her for two weeks lol



Had to share this after being bored one day after a crappy evening shift as a delivery driver.


Damn read the bottom one first

Edit: Fixed