Come and have a laugh


I’d like to personally thank you for ending the lyric run.


:crazy_face: :laughing: …and here I was, all impressed with how many picked up the ball and ran with it! :grinning:


Don’t let me interrupt. By all means continue…


lol -no harm, no foul! :wink:
Just the natural progression of things.

(Small bit of fun while it lasted though /chuckles)


this will be used at some stage


as will this


I sure hope that Growacet comes in suppository form (encased in a 22LR jacket with primer)…


I figured that’s probably how you liked to ‘take it’. :grimacing::roll_of_toilet_paper::laughing:


Nope. But it’s certainly how I’d like to administer it to some of these fuckheads… :laughing:


That’s a bit much TMI too brah!


You obviously are intentionally ignoring the point that it’s supposed to be loaded into a firearm first. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, I have pet names for it too.



Homemade middle eastern jumper cables


Remember; If you outlaw jumper cables, only outlaws will have jumper cables.


A priest looses his rooster one sunday morning , as it is sunday he heads to mass as usual .
At the end of his sermon he asks the congregation , Has anyone seen a cock ?
All the men stand up .
A bit flustered he asks, has anyone seen a cock that isn’t theirs ?
All the women stand up
More flustered he asks has anyone seen a strange cock ?
Half the women stand up
Completely flustered he say oh for heavens sake , has anyone seen my cock
The entire boys choir stands up .


Bring on the rooster jokes:




Those in the UK may not get this but very true in the US :slight_smile:


Please tell me that wasn’t two jets colliding…
cough/cock/*cough *


It was fireworks :laughing: