Come and have a laugh





What a sweet memorial to a great dinner!


Oh i had a good laugh on this one



That one must be followed with this one.






Snorting coffee wont do a thing for you not even snorting espresso grounds. All it does is make you look like like well like you been snorting coffee grounds



Omg…the monkey’s in the middle with the stubbed pinky toe really got me going, because that was me just about 10 minutes ago when I got up to get my coffee and was rushing back to the couch because my phone was ringing…I think my toe might just be broken now!!!


I love that one too. Oddly enough, my middle toe is still swollen and purpley from a direct hit with the sofa a few months ago. Pretty sure I sprained it.


I can relate also. My wife left a empty box laying in the middle of the floor. So I decided to trip over it in the middle of the night and stubbed my big toe on the corner of the door frame. I look over to my wife and she’s trying not to laugh while I’m…well looking like that monkey above.


I can take a bat to the head and shake it off. I can cut myself with a chainsaw and laugh. But if I stub my toe, I may as well take the rest of the day off and curl up in pain or go monkey style on the floor. Funny how the little things make the most impact. One time, I was angry and kicked a blanket. Unfortunately, under that blanket was a large piece of wood. I most definitely broke my toe on that one (it took two years to stop hurting and heal). During the healing process, even the slightest bump on the toe would send me to the floor nearly in tears. What a big baby!



Well SHIT @Steampugs I HAVE now seen “everything” !!!




Yep thats me!