Come and have a laugh


Too soon? Eh, what the hell.


Here’s a good one for someone who tells a old joke.


Funny! Hey wait, I tell old jokes all the time!


:grin:, me too. Or I seem to double post a joke! That joke wasn’t towards you, I just thought it was funny…


First thought (before it fully processed) was “ermm, aren’t all pogo sticks kick start?”

I’m still missing ‘the funny’ in the idea of a kick start ego (no offense), but I’m laughing my ass off at my own mental fuckup (even if only for a flash of a second)… :wink:


You never heard the joke? That’s older than your Grandmother’s kick-start vibrator. It’s a classic :joy: No? :joy:



Naaaaah, I’ve heard “older than” jokes before.
Just that… Oh never mind =P lol :wink:



@Lolly, You mean to tell me, pip pip cheerio isn’t in the UK’s daily vocabulary. Rosetta Stone, is a lying whore. :joy::joy:


How about “Ello Guvnah”! I hope that’s in. And something about bangers and mash. Don’t crush my perceptions, petal!


Bangers and mash is used :+1:

You’ve watched too many episodes of Porridge or Oliver Twist :laughing:


Fawlty Towers, actually! Awesome show.


Didn’t have much access to British shows when I was a kid, but we did have Monty Python (thank goodness), Fawlty Towers, Benny Hill (grew up a couple times watching that show, ha), and Dr. Who. Fond memories of them all.


Lifted this from a comment section of a political website.

Roses are red, violets are blue.
You’re schizophrenic and so are you.


Order this one at the bar from a female bartender see how long until you get thrown out.


Not sure which part I love more, the actual phrase:

Or the fact that it came from:




…a politcal website. Zero Hedge. They call it fight club and those people are brutal. Poly sci is one of my fields and I wouldn’t dream of posting there. Nuckin Futs, but funny as hell sometimes. :exploding_head: