Coffee and Tea - Brands and Steep Methods

@Tmease I saw this in the welcome thread and thought…why don’t we all discuss coffee and tea. Being the diverse group this is, I think there will be some really good discussion here, and nuggets of wisdom shared.

Ok, real quick I’m not a HUGE tea fan, but I do like it. My absolute favorite tea is called Earl of Grey that I get from The Tea Spot. It’s just incredible. I use a not-so-fancy Pyrex tea kettle with a tea infusion basket to brew. Hey all you lovely Brits…kings and queens of tea…educate me!!

As for coffee, well that’s where things are different. I’m not necessarily a coffee snob. But I also can’t do things like Folger’s, Maxwell House, etc. However, my daily coffee is actually one I buy at my local grocer - Taste of Inspirations, Sumatra.. It’s just a solid, bold cup of coffee with awesome tones. Still, I’m always on the lookout for something better…I just don’t want it to be really expensive, hard to acquire or have some stupid minimum order like 20 lbs. Regardless of the coffee though, steep method is really important in order to get the most out of it.

If you haven’t had coffee brewed in the Aeropress, well it’s the cheapest thing I’ve ever found for an outstanding cup of mud. The video shows the brew method I use, but I don’t dilute. I use 1 scoop for 1 cup of coffee, and after a quick stir, steep for 3 minutes. The brew consistency and quality is off the charts.

Looking forward to learning from everyone!


I looked at the Aeropress 2 years ago! awesome tasting cup of Coffee!. Local roasted coffee beans fresh ground just before brewing is best. when in a pinch, I settle for Eight o- Clock beans and grind them in an OXO burr grinder. Pour over is an option, the AeroPress RAWKS out a great cup. I got myself a Bonavita coffee brewer( pre-steeps then brews somewhere bet ween 180 and 195 degrees F and brews into a thermal carafe) that cheaper bean from EightOClock is like $15 for 420z bag… not a huge cost. but the locally roasted coffees can run a bit more. Tea? yeah I have an infuser ball on a chain somewhere. lol