Coconut Yes or No?

I haven’t used coconut in a very long time. I purchased TFA coconut when I first started diy. I liked it at first but it didn’t take long before I found it utterly impossible to vape.

Recently I have been vaping a one-shot that has coconut in it and I find that I am enjoying the faint coconut taste on the back end and am hoping to find a coconut I can use in my own recipe.

Just wanting to know your favorite coconut. I understand that you may use different coconut in different situations. I don’t mind the explanation.



My favourite would be FLV Sweet Coconut, but another that I use regularly is VTA Desiccated Coconut.
There are a few others that I use sparingly but those would be the main 2 I use often.


Can’t add too much to that, other than Coconut Custard (SC) (WF)


That is one of the few others :+1:


@Dan_the_Man I’ve had good luck with FLV Coconut, and Sweet Coconut. Also my two current favs are …

Coconut (Delosi) 5% (8-07-19) – Stumbled across Jojo’s notes on this one, and motivated me to test. This one smelled great on mixing, and after a short steep continued to be stellar. This may be my (just like Jojo) new fav coconut. It has NONE of the “greasy” notes that some other coco’s have, but all the good parts. It imparts all the best of fresh coconut with plenty of body, great sweetness, some of the cream, and the meat. It’s all in there. Continued solo vaping @ 5% revealed no off putting notes, and I can already see this taking over my number one slot for some dragon’s blood mixes. Very full, but not cloying at this %, and can’t wait to get a bigger bottle, and start mixing with it. 10/10.

Coconut (VSO) 5% (8-28-20) – After having many issues with most of the Coconut flavors, including off notes, greasy notes, etc., was curious to see how VSO’s would fare. Pleased to say that I had NO issues with this one. Nothing greasy, artificial tasting, or off putting could be found here. Whew !!! My current Coconut fav would have to be Delosi, for comparison. This one presented as a nice, full bodied coconut @ 5%, and tasted plenty rich, with a mid level sweetness. It carried mostly low and mid notes, with a smidge of top end notes. The fullness of it at this weight really worked well to round out a great solo vape, and it actually tasted better than another natural extract flavor. All in, this carried everything you need in a coconut with no greasy notes, right to the vape. Accurate, and natural tasting, and although mid sweet, wasn’t candied, and had flesh notes and milk notes all in the mix. Second VSO flavor where I was having a hard time finding take offs. Solid @ 9/10.


Years ago, this manufacture was the only go to… too coying, more candy than real coconut: Loranne
Suntan lotion: TFA
Never was fond of this one: Capella
Grease and if you mix it with a few things, fried onion rings: fa

I am still hung up on FLV coconut and sweet coconut :heart: :partying_face: :smiley:


I like the sound of this one. WF has a lot of custards and I find that I have liked most of them. Right now I have been enjoying their Almond Custard. I’ll get this one for sure. Thanks, @marsh8 and @Rocky02852

@SessionDrummer I’ll definitely try the Delosi. As for VSO I just can’t bring myself to use 5% of any concentrate and VSO flavors are high like that.


What, I can hardly believe that… :wink:

Thanks, everybody.


@Dan_the_Man let the FLAVOR dictate if you use it, not the usage rates. :slight_smile:


Wish I could…


LOL Dan, it’s supposed to be about the flavor.


I am in the process of trying to get my head around it too @Dan_the_Man but still hard to do…

Yeah, but how much will give me that flavour? :rofl:



I just don’t like using that much but it’s about money for me. Money money money :musical_note: :musical_score:


I guess it’s why I like the ultras… I just can not go back to using 15-35% flavorings in my juice…
Less just happens to be more with better quality flavors…

Not saying other companies suck… it’s just my preferences and my taste buds know what they like and don’t… I do pick up manufacture back grounds… and it really just kills the flavor profiles I work with… Not everyone is as sensitive… most can not pick that background up. Sometimes it isnt just a money issue, but a taste deal.

I will say I recently picked up Capellas sweet blend as well as SSA? shortbread cookie and borneo vanilla… just to play around and see if caps has changed… and to see what SSA is about… I can tell already with the borneo, the vanillin is strong with this one, and I have not even mixed with it yet… :slight_smile:

Oh come on now… pour some more coffee and laugh… the world is not ending because I have some things non Flavorah :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


@Dan_the_Man, I think you’re missing the point that you test higher for SFT. Lower usage in mixes. Don’t shut yourself out of flavors, until you try them. :slight_smile:


but… I always test low and work up… find out where you can start to taste… then find out where it is too much!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: Otherwise how do you determine how high is too high??

*Hides behind that new wood splitter… haha!! :smiley: gee it’s super gorgeous out today… hope you aren’t working too hard, SD…


I don’t think I am missing the point my friend. If I need to go to 5% for a single flavor test then it goes without saying that I’ll need more in my recipe.

I have 5 of their flavors sir and I’m sorry bro but I just don’t like VSO flavors. I’m not knocking them though. I hope he does well and continues to do so. I think it’s pretty awesome that he wanted something different and made his own concentrates and then started a business.

Anyway, I have changed somewhat in the last year. I barely vape 2ml of liquid in a day and I used to vape close to 20ml a day.


@Dan_the_Man just a heads up on VSO most of the flavours have been reformulated to use an average of 2% (not that it will change the concentrates you already have) but I thought it worth a mention.


Thank you sir. That is worth a mention for sure. Maybe I will change my mind then. I will have to go back and visit those flavors.

Thanks brother.


You got it backwards @Dan_the_Man, SFT is always higher than mixing weights.

Well shit, NOW, we’re getting to the MEAT of it Dan. If you don’t like a flavor, I can’t compel you to hehe.

LOL bro, if you’e only vaping 2ml a day, what cost are you worried about ??

Now Dan, this is what motivated me to help you, as the SAME thing happened to me.

Well, and there you go, I did what I could. Many of us, are very busy Dan, myself included, and time is short, so if you DO have specific requirements, or limitations like, “I hate VSO”, or “I need a coconut, BUT only if it’s used less than 1 %”, let us know, as it will help save a lot of time, and help those of us, who are trying to help you.

The VSO and Delosi were very good to my tastes, and have used them quite a bit, BUT, that’s my tastes. I hope you find the coconut you are looking for brother.


Leaving for work @Dan_the_Man and figured I’d throw any monkey wrench in the conversation, about ACTUAL COSTS using non Ultra, and Ultra flavors (and for anyone else wondering the same thing), since it keeps coming up.

I’ve taken two of my top sellers, both @ 3mg NIC, and 120ml batches. One all TPA, and one all FLV. The TPA is obviously much higher @ 16% total flavoring, vs. the FLV which is 4.9% total flavoring. The TPA must cost 3-4X more right ??

Hehe, nope.

TPA Price

FLV Price

So my point here is Dan, don’t get lost in the forest for the trees. Use whatever flavors WORK for what you need, and don’t worry about how much you’re using, whether it’s in a glass or plastic bottle, Ultra, non-Ultra.

It’s always been about how things TASTE, nothing more, nothing less.