Cocomel Supreme By Sheerluck_Ohms [Recipe Report]

Also available at Chefs as a One Shot

This is by far the BEST flavor of ANY milkshake EVER!!

I’ve been vaping this for a couple days now and it’s just Incredible!

Sumptuous swirls of creamy sweet caramel and flakey hints of what tastes like a toasted coconut shine through with each hit off this indulgent mix.

Usually, coconut vapes are flavored with some sort of pineapple or piña colada flavor, but no pineapple here and This is WAY better!

IMO, it is the perfect ratio of ice cream / milk, caramel, coconut, and with a wafer finish.

It’s like vaping a piece of heaven!


Thanks for the share @Rocky02852, and @Sheerluck_Ohms for this one.


It’s a Great mix Dman, and you know I don’t care for Biscuit. Finally get to use that JF Biscuit that’s been collecting dust. The biscuit in there seems to add a toasted affect to the coconut for me :yum:


Love this mix, def one of Liams best :heart: :ok_hand:


This is my crack… :yum: Totally hooked


I have one of those but none of the other flavours for this recipe. I’ll have to wait for something else to rescue that bottle.


Thanks @Rocky02852 I’m absolutley blown away by how much you enjoyed this mix, milkshake is a flavour i’ve wanted to get right for so long as most were either malty or missing the dairy notes I wanted, so to read others enjoy it so much as well just has me grinning ear to ear.
Thank you


And you nailed the Shake here!
TBH, I don’t really care for IC :man_shrugging: (although I use it in some mixes) and biscuit eh, not one of my go to flavors. Caramel on the other hand, (everybody loves caramel) BUT to get it All just right, bingo You scored here :ok_hand: just a perfectly blended mix and I salute you :call_me_hand:

Well deserved grins, and thank YOU for sharing the recipe! :sunglasses:


Yep, love this recipe. Best recipe to date on ELR that I’ve tried (from the ones I’ve managed to mix).
@Sheerluck_Ohms’ recipe profiles are my kinda taste. Such a gent and always willing to share his knowledge.
Edit: As for how the recipe tastes for me: Vapes just like it smells (if not better). The coconut and caramel marry so well and there’s a smooth buttery richness that runs through the vape experience. I have this recipe in rotation and find I never tire of it!!


I remember trying this recipe last autumn and loved it so much that I made a much larger bottle and put it away for Christmas, it must of had nearly three months steep time and it was even more amazing when I cracked it open on Christmas Day. It’s so rich and dense and very satisfying which is something that often I find lacking in many recipes of the same ilk.