Chico’s coils vape Mail - not a review

New coils have arrived!

So I won the Charity auction on 3 men and a vape show on Little bro vapes channel. I won custom made coils by Chico known as Loan Marian Chicos in YT chat or as @john_the_builderx on FB who’s based in USA, but shipped to me in UK.

I had a bit of back and forth with Chico figuring out what I wanted as I’ve already got quite a few varied handmade coils. I decided on wanting Kanthal MTL coils as the handmade NI80 MTL coils I had wasn’t working out and I preferred my spool of Geekvape Kanthal MTL clapton.

The parameters I gave him was Kanthal, MTL style, 2.5 ID and around 0.65ohms but I was happy to go above or below that depending what was built.

So I received this in the post

I must say he’s out done himself, I was expecting claptons which I’d said to him was fine as my spool was claptons. I possibly thought he might do some aliens but I didn’t know the feasibility with using Kanthal, but to make MTL style aliens, 2 core framed staple and 4 core framed staple all Kanthal is far beyond what I expected.

I haven’t had a play about with them yet and installed them, which I’ll be doing over the next few weeks, but he’s definitely impressed me. His whole way of working is tell him what you want and how you want and he’ll make it, although I gave him loose parameters and free reign to make them how he wanted to.

I’ll post this in it’s own thread too as I’m not sure if this much info is correct on vapemail


Loving the box. :slight_smile:


Congrat’s @AyupMeDuck :+1: Alway’s fun to learn you’ve won stuff! :sunglasses:


Very nice score, and the box DOES push it over the edge.


Smashing prize @AyupMeDuck, congratulations mate.