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Just one to start with and see how this goes down!

Blackcurrant, mixed at 1.5% (27/6/21) 2mg 70VG/30PG. Tested on Bushido V3 RDA with 0.4ohm fused clapton and Mavation X Cotton wicking (on Bushido BF mech mod) and using the SX Nano with fresh SX Mini DIY coil!

Straight off the bat this is 100% Blackcurrant which always helps but what i am getting at is there is no doubt about it and if you let 100 people who know what Blackcurrant tastes like have just one short vape everyone without exception would without any difficulty identify it as Blackcurrant! The strength at 1.5% couldn’t really be much more spot on and even if using this as a standalone (It really is nice enough for this) I wouldn’t be going above 2%!

With just above medium sweetness this is very much authentic to a Blackcurrant used with boiled sweets and candies and would be ideal used in a Blackcurrant flavoured cough sweet recipe or similar! Despite the sweetness though this is not over candied which makes this much more versatile. It does lack tartness which might be desirable in some recipes but the lack of candyness (probably not even a word) still allows this to be a work in progress in such recipes with the tartness needed to be found from elsewhere! This has no unwanted floral notes, soapyness (again probably not a word) or other off notes so I have got to give this a strong 9/10!


Nicely done @Timwis.