Chefs flavours is back!

They are back with 25% off everything!


Very good deal on the Flavorah, loads of tobacco’s too. (If anyone cares :smirk:)
I’m flush otherwise I would bite. It’s more than 25% off on the Flavorah.


Some people like Darkstar who now own the Chefs name, website and FB group - I am not among those people they are not people who I would choose to do any transaction with.

That said if you Like Karl and Lewis and are happy to buy one shots from them then they have opened

Just one shots - No single flavours


I was only intereted in some of the Chefs Super Concentrates as they had some good flavorse.g the meringue and peanut butter etc. I for one have boycotted DarkStar due to other reasons.


Didn’t know Darkstar was behind them now… food for thoughts.
I thought that Karl and Lewis might still be there, but… I can now see my 90,00£ gone, GLS lost my parcel on the very last order I placed before they closed.


I emailed asking about the Chefs Concentrates and this is the reply.


There’s a lot more going on than people realise, I wouldn’t touch anything to do with Darkstar, horrendous morals, there was no email to the current customer database to tell them that the one shots with the same name were in fact different recipes, I’m not even sure if it’s legal to obtain the old customers personal details without permision?..regardless, they kicked anyone who were known to be friends with Lewis and Karl from the Chefs groups before anyone said a word, which got peoples backs up, and then complained that Lewis and Karl have started a smear campaign against them when they haven’t said a word…Darkstar upset the locals, and wondered why there was backlash…rediculous, never in a million years would I deal with a company like that, and on top of that, a few people have bought these apparent ‘new and improved’ recipes and reported that in fact…they are absolutely nothing like the originals, much much worse…stick to Flavour Cravers…100%


Well I’ll keep an EYE out on this, BUT, typically, ^^^^^ that’s all I need to hear.


Thanks for the heads up @Steampugs


Darkstar bought company. What do you think that got them? Just the hideous oversized logo? The userbase (with their order history and email details) and name recognition were Chef’s biggest assets, now belong to Darkstar. I just checked and my login and history still works.

Most companies don’t have high morals, next you’ll be suggesting I only drink that Fair trade coffee or ethically sourced cocoa beans.

Kicking people from their FB group, yes was slimy, but we all have free will and can leave whenever we want, if we’re so horrified.

Karl and Lewis should sue them if anything they’ve done was against the terms of the sale. Let me know when they do.

I’m no Darkstar fan so don’t take this post the wrong way, and I’ve never bought a one shot or shortfill from anywhere. My money will always be spent at the cheapest place.

Edit: I started buying from Chefs, then nomnomz, based on price even though I’m in Canada (home of Flavourart North America)


From @Rocky02852 on ELR …


I can confirm wasting money on Tickle me pink from Darkstar/Chefs using the new improved recipe* which is new and is in no way improved. I have no idea what they’ve used but there’s a citric flavour additive in there that’s frankly disgusting and has brought out an allergic reaction.

If you’re thinking you’re buying chefs old one shots, think again because you are most definitely not and you’ll regret it.


Unsurprising @Again , but thanks for the input :+1:


Thanks @Again, and welcome to the VC.


Welcome to VC, @Again :wave:


Welcome to the V.C @Again and thank you for your input.


Sorry for coming back so late to this, I’m just catching up now

I’m not suggesting you do anything, but this forum is primarily a mixing community, and Darkstar have been stealing peoples recipes and profiles from places like this for years without giving credit to the creator, if you’re ok with that then…all the power to ya, but I’m not, and any mixer who’s had their creations and ideas stolen and used to make money out of without so much as a thank you isn’t either.


I’m not OK with that.

Stealing public recipes for commercial use is always wrong and I will never buy a one shot or shortfill from either. I can sleep well at night, my conscience is clean. My comments were about business to business public whining.