Charging and battery life

I have vape kits with internal batteries.

I have read that overcharging batteries - in my case unintentially leaving them plugged in for a while when they are fully charged - can lead to problems and shorten the life of the battery.

This surprises me. I have other devices that use lipo batteries and they have an automatic cut off when charging is completed. Don’t vape mods do this?

I use two kits: an Innokin Endura T22 Pro and an Eleaf Istick Power 2.


Some might, a crude very unscientific method of finding out is once fully charged leave plugged in but make sure you are in attendance, after half an hour feel the mod, if it’s gone cold that would suggest it has cut off but if it’s still warm then not!

Disclaimer: A very unscientific theory which I don’t know for sure if my assumptions are correct! phewww


Thanks for the response and suggestion.

I’ll give it a go.