(CAP) Vanilla Custard v1

(CAP) Vanilla Custard

The best custard I have had so far, it is my “go to” for any custard mixes.
Creamy and delicious, works well @ 5% in a mix or 10% as a standalone.
Requires a long steep and can overpower some fruit flavours.

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For me, Cap VC v1 is a favored staple.

As mentioned, it’s rich and creamy, but has no off notes IMO. A very “American Custard”.

I prefer it as a SF at 6%, and have used it most frequently between 2-4%.

The Vanilla aspect becomes more prominent as the percentage increases, but retains (or adds) a nice “thickening mouth-feel” at 2%, with only a touch of vanilla peeking through.

My typical power has been 34w to 50w for this flavor. No ill effects from lower power up to 50w. (a wide range flavor wrt power)

I use it on a Theorem RDTA though, which is a pure ‘flavor machine’ when used with an unrestricted friction-fit drip tip. (Read as: the ID of the drip tip does not narrow, and as a result, a wider bore is allowed due to no longer needing additional surface area required by the use of o-rings.) The factory tip that comes with the Theorem is absolute trash, and chokes both flavor and clouds IMO.


In your toolbox, VC v1 is the all purpose lubricant and duct tape!

  • At low 2% and below VC v1 will save your ass with a subtle vanilla pudding that will pull your recipe from the sink back to trophie position. More custardy at low.
  • At High (sky being the limit for it scales well) you are inviting in a delicious tyrant that listens to no one and won’t shut up, More Vanilla at high,
  • VC v1 like me is a hooked on sweetness and cranky otherwise.
  • Other than mints, VC v1 will play well with any other flavor you can throw at it.
  • You will fail miserably if you’re trying to find reasons to hate VC v1.

Re upping this 2019 thread, and just read @HobbsDeVape’s comment above, and it couldn’t be MORE right IMO.