Cantaloupe recommendations


despite recent events, I am joining noted on 1/18 for Cantaloupe. It’s a flavor I like, so even for not being the worlds best flavor tester, I hope I can contribute.
Do you have any recommendations for me? I have CAP/FW and I have TFA incoming.
So I am looking for other flavor manufacturers, percentages. Everything which could be worth sharing as a guest.

Thank you.


@SessionDrummer Tagging you as the flavor reviewer, I admire.

@SmokyBlue Tagging you as the flavor thinker, I admire. And I know you were very young that time, but I think there was a time before Flavorah or you know a little trick or two.


Thank you @SteveTC. I don’t have a lotta Canta notes, let me dig. I can tell you NOT to try Delosi’s !!!


Cantaloupe FLV

Once you open the bottle cap… take a sniff, if you want. The smell of summer will pop right up… like a real “'loupe”, it really is noticeable!

Starting it out, at .12% it starts to show up, super light, and sweet… and I mean super light. You can tell something is there with just 3 drops in 30 ml… If I move up to 6 drops, .4% it starts to show off more. Not much “cantaloupe meat” here, but the flavor starts to thicken up, the hints of sweet juicy cantaloupe starts to taste better… :slight_smile: If I take it to 12 drops in the 30ml… it’s a true cantaloupe, juicy and the sunshine taste and the smell is coming thru nicely… if I push it to 18 drops, or 1.2% it’s an in your face and dripping off your chin cantaloupe. Liquid Sunshine in a bottle.

I really am craving a melon vape, and I can not see not using this one. Small recipe here…

Cantaloupe 1%
Honeydew .6%
Strawberry 1.2%

You might want to add banana, or kiwi… perhaps some smooth vanilla, or ice… :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Cantaloupe by MF is one of my favorites and you only need a few drops.


Hmm, Honestly I can’t recommend a Cantaloupe, I had a short go-round with Canta’ before I decided I don’t really care for it :man_shrugging:
I do have a 10ml of FLV Cantaloupe I could sent out to ya if you want, just hit me up :ok_hand:


dont forget, Cantaloupe USA vs Europa is two different melontypes/taste


Thank you all for the input.

Noted Cantaloupe is up Monday 10 PM ET.


And here the link

It was a funny experience.


@Rocky02852 I have to say sorry. I noted it that I wanted to give a shoutout to you at the Noted stream and I reviewed it now the first time. And I missed it.
So here at minimum , thank you for sending me the Flavorah Cantaloupe !


Glad to be of help :+1: and happy to see the Canta going to good use :call_me_hand: