Can I buy a 4ml tank in the UK?

I know the EU has banned them and the UK government has gone along with it, as it always does.

However I would like to have a tank that doesn’t need topping up so often.

I believe it may be possible to get 4ml tanks in the UK, but I am having difficulty finding any.

Can you really buy a whole tank in the UK or from abroad, or are you supposed to replace a 2ml glass with a 4ml one?

I would be very grateful for some advice.


Although EU versions have 2ml it’s not policed. if you look on vaping sites then you will find plenty of tanks with much bigger capacities! I reviewed for over 6 years and always got the international (bigger tank versions sent) not once was there an issue with customs over the regulations.

You get much better choice with rebuildable’ s over stock coil tanks.


Even with 2ml tanks most will have a bubble glass available which usually doubles capacity, and even with the regulations (if they were policed) it only applies to the sale of the fully assembled tank so it isn’t against regulations to sell larger capacity glass tubes or extension kits. Some manufacturers consider they are following the regulations by having a 2ml capacity assembled tank but then including a bigger glass in the box.