BP Mods Warhammer 18650 review


In a 2024 full of Boro devices, disposables and pods, a single 18650 mod is a brave move by BP Mods.

It’s also a move that I approve of 100% - there’s something about having a tiny RTA on a tiny mod that I really love.

Product overview

The BP Mods Warhammer, is a single 18650, 60w, C-frame, zinc alloy mod.

What do you get?

The mod and USB cable.

First impressions

As expected the Warhammer is small, most certainly not the smallest 18650 mod ever, but it’s still nice and compact.

The body of the mod which is zinc alloy, the battery door is textured plastic and unlike far too many other mods, the battery door fits perfectly.

Overall, first impressions are good. The Warhammer is cute, compact, ergonomic and well made.

Max atomizer size

Usually, this isn’t an issue with mods – if your atomizer is too large, then you just get overhang.

However, with the Warhammer the top of the mod has a slight lip on one side that prevents atomizers over 24mm from being used.


  • Five clicks – on/off
  • Three clicks – menu
  • Up+down – lock

From the menu you can cycle between power, voltage, temp control, bypass modes and access the system settings, that gives you time-out, brightness and boost settings.

The screen is small, but clear and bright enough to be easily visible – the one thing missing is a puff-counter, I don’t pay much attention to puff-counters, but it seems like a strange thing to omit.

Power increases in 0.1w increments – does anyone need 0.1w increments? Probably not, but I still like it.


With a single 18650 battery, 60w max and 24mm max atomizer – this is very much a niche product.

If MTL or anything under about 35w happens to be your niche, then the Warhammer could be an ideal choice.


The BP Mods Warhammer 18650, was provided for the purposes of this review by Sourcemore.


I want it just because its called a Warhammer, good review <3


Looks almost like a highend mod that came out awhile ago, but with it’s own character. Looks cool.


Good looking mod.

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