BP MODS Bushido V3 RDA and Bushido Mod - Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at both the BP MODS Bushido V3 RDA and Bushido Mod. The BP MODS Bushido V3 RDA and Bushido Mod was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Dovpo.





It was only last year the well known vape designer who goes by the name “Bruce” set up BP Mods in partnership with Dovpo and in this review i take a look at V3 and the first under the BP Mods brand of the Bushido RDA along with their new BF Bushido Mechanical Mod designed bearing 22mm RDA’s such as the Bushido V3 in mind. Both the Bushido Mod and V3 RDA are products of note on their individual merits but i can see many buying both to use as a set-up so made perfect sense to me to include both within the same review, let’s crack on!

In The Box Bushido V3 RDA



1x BP MODS Bushido V3 RDA
1x BF Pin & Insulator
1x Pin Wrench
1x Accessories Pack
Includes 2x Clapton 0.35ohm A1 26ga x2 + Ni80 40ga 2,5ID
2x User Cards

In The Box Bushido Mod



1 x Squonk Bushido Mechanical Mod
1 x Slat
1 x Spare Squonk Bottle
1 x Spare Fire Button Contact
1 x Accessory Pack
2 x User Cards

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

Both products come in the same style Orange packaging that all BP Mods products are packed in and on opening everything is well presented. I received the DLC Black + Gun metal RDA, the options are DLC Gray + Genuine Gold, Frosted Silver + Glossy Silver and DLC Black + Gun metal and the Mod i received was the Everglade Green colour, the options are Space Gray, Everglade Green, Tangerine and Grape.

The Bushido V3 RDA is a very clean looking short 22mm RDA with no visible branding on it’s outer sleeve just a narrow airflow slot either side. Up top we have a smoked frosted 510 drip tip and then a flip open top section that tapers upwards towards the drip tip. The main body of the RDA has a matt DLC finish while the top section has a metallic band which breaks the colour up nicely. Moving to the base we have safety stamps and branding and pre-installed is a standard Gold plated, Brass 510 pin that protrudes enough to be safe on mechanical devices.

Just like the V3 RDA the Bushido Mod is a small plain yet stylish looking box shaped mod which has a very clean look both aesthetically and internally. Although the traditional box shaped we have rounded edging giving no sharp edges whatsoever!

On one side we have the rectangular cut-out to allow access to press your bottle and on the reverse side a small round cut-out top right allowing access to the slotted dial that controls the switch lock mechanism, both panels are removable. On the face we have a round protruding fire bottom with raised BP Mods logo and outer Ultem edging, it has just over average travel and really nice feel.

Up top we have a 22mm Stainless Steel plate with a Gold plated, spring loaded BF 510 pin. The plate is raised just enough to protect the mods finish while not giving issues with annoying gapping! Moving to the base we have printed safety marks and a threaded plate with fold out lever which allows access to fill the bottle.

The Bushido Mod is made of Aluminium and it’s small size and rounded edging makes it a nice out and about BF companion!


Bushido Mod Specs and Features:

Material: Aluminium alloy
Dimensions: 74 x 44 x 23.6mm
Bottle capacity: 4.8ml
Battery: Single 18650 battery(Not included)
Compatible with: 22mm BF RDAs

-Powered by single 18650 battery
-Turn the mod over and unscrew the cap to refill the squonk bottle, more convenient
-Specialized for 22mm BF RDAs
-Aluminium alloy construction
Colours: Space Gray, Everglade Green, Tangerine, Grape


Bushido Mod: What You Receive?

As well as the device with the pre-installed bottle assembly you receive a host of spare parts which includes a spare bottle and tubing, contact plate, locking block and torx screwdriver. You also receive a couple of 2 sided information cards which gives a wealth of information including the size of screws and O-rings used. Also included is a number of O-rings and spare screws!

Inside The Mod

It’s very clean looking and has the simple design of having your battery plate attached to a contact plate which makes contact (completing the cycle) when the fire button is pressed which moves the attached contact plate to the contact 510 assembly! The panel to gain access removes via a tab at the bottom and secures in place with a combination of precision fitting and magnets, there is no movement whatsoever! I will also take this opportunity to point out just how nice looking the fire button is. it’s subjective but i am quite mesmerised by it, gorgeous and i don’t know why!


The reverse panel also removes which allows better access to the locking dial and also a cut-out to help with battery removal, likewise this panel fits very securely!


The Lock Mechanism

Between the contact plate and contact assembly we have a rectangular insulated block which can be turned using a dial. When it’s in an horizontal position it blocks the contact plate from making contact preventing firing, when turned to the vertical position the contact plate has nothing preventing connection and the device can be fired.

The locking mechanism is controlled as mentioned by turning a dial and to the top right of the device opposite the side where the bottle is pressed we have that dial with centre slot so it can be turned using a screwdriver or coin. If the panel is removed we see the dial is quite substantial and has aggressive knurling so now it can be turned using your fingers!


The Bottle Assembly

When taking the side panel off the device it looks to have the traditional style of squeeze bottle that attaches to the 510 feed pipe via tubing. This does have a twist though and once removed we can see the tubing attaches to a top section with attached pipe with juice intakes that extends down to the base of the bottle and the base of the plastic bottle itself has been cut away! At the bottom of the pipe we have a circular plate with large fill ports and then a retainer ring which seals the outside of the base of the bottle and fill plate together!


Filling The Bottle

That open ended bottle of course needs to be sealed and on the bottom of the device we have a threaded plate more commonly used to fit a battery. The plate has a fold out central lever to turn the plate to both open and secure and when the lever is pulled out we can see underneath is a small round magnet which will keep it from flapping about when the device is in use.

The plate includes a protruding section that completes the bottles seal and when removed we are met by what looks just like the top of an RTA or tank after removing the top-cap for an easy fill from any nozzle type!


Fitting The Battery

As mentioned the panel can be removed via the notch at the bottom of the device and we have squonk bottle one side and the negative and positive contacts the other. I had no issues fitting a battery, it fitted snuggly without threatening to damage the rap and as mentioned you can remove the reverse panel to poke your battery out when it needs removing.

Battery orientation is clearly labelled in White and we have no movement whatsoever from battery, panel or internals even when shaking vigorously!


Bushido V3 RDA Specs and Features:

Size: 22 x 33mm
Thread: 510 thread
Coil: Single Coil
Drip Tip: 510
Easy to top refill system
Flip top cap design
Lateral dual airflow control
Deep juice well
22mm diameter for single coil
Colours: DLC Gray + Genuine Gold, Frosted Silver + Glossy Silver, DLC Black + Gun metal


Bushido V3 RDA, What You Receive?

AS well as the Bushido V3 with standard pin you also receive a BF pin and insulator. You get the usual informative cards which includes all screw and O-ring sizes and a Pin wrench. Included in the accessories bag is multiple O-rings and post screws and also 2 Clapton coils with full specs given on one of the information cards!


It’s Various Parts!

Up top we have a smoked frosted drip tip which is a 510 fitting so you can fit an alternative if you prefer. We then have a flip open top-cap with a little arrow head showing which side to push the drip tip to open the cap, it does need a good push so i have no real concerns about it opening by accident.


The top-cap section unscrews which then allows the separation of inner and outer sleeves and to be honest until the top was unscrewed i thought it was just one sleeve with no adjustment as it wouldn’t turn but once adding some VG to the O-rings it now adjusts with a nice tolerance. Both inner and outer sleeve sections have dual narrow airflow slots that are lined up for fully open airflow or the outer sleeve can be turned to reduce the open slot.


The base section with deck has the interesting airflow inlets on either side and a two post deck with screwhead clamps and deep wells. Pre-installed we have a standard 510 pin which i immediately swapped out for the supplied BF pin!


The Airflow

On the outside of the base either side we have set back slots that channel airflow at an upwards angle to the outlet slot on each post to hit the bottom and lower side of your coil. The indented slots and the sloping to them also allow for possible future inserts which i have heard their will be some as a separate purchase to give MTL draw alternatives.

The narrow airflow slots on the sleeves line up with the top sloped sections that leads to the airflow inlet slots on the base and then the outer sleeve can be turned against the inner sleeve to open or reduce airflow. So the airflow comes in through the slots at a downwards angle to the slots on the base section then travels at an upwards angle through the posts giving a “tick” design!


The Deck and Build!

I did the build with the aid of another new BP Mods product, the Futon Ohm Tab which as far as i am aware is the first tab to be released for quite a while and must say is better than the 3 older ones i own. It offers three modes which of course is your ohm reader, wattage and voltage and has a side fire button to pulse your coil/coils, it accommodates a single 18650 battery!


The deck has posts facing each other with a slot airflow outlet on one side of each post and the other side is where you fit your coil leads with slotted screw heads acting as clamps. We have a lip either side to where the screws fasten down to stop the leads popping out while securing and we also have a curved cut-out on each side of the deck to fit a coiling rod which actually on this occasion i would recommend making use of as it lines up the height of the coil perfectly to the airflow outlets to get both bottom and side airflow! Once your leads are secured down and you are happy with the position of your coil then snip the access.


I used one of the supplied coils which i pulsed at 15w to burn off any residue but didn’t have any hotspots so no strumming necessary! Also to point out the supplied coils which are 0.35ohm claptons, kanthal with outer Ni80 binding have the leads facing both the same way so i needed to add half a wrap to fit but i believe the specs that have been given takes this into account as my build came out at 0.34ohms. Also up to a 3.0ID coil will work well but looking at the 2.5ID coil i used it does look the optimum size for this RDA!

Wicking is straightforward and with the deep wells you can cut your ends leaving quite a bit of cotton, i didn’t thin out but just fluffed up before placing in the wells. I then just double checked the leads were still fastened tight, primed my wicks and gave it a few pulses to admire my work (someone has to)!


My Thoughts! And How It Vapes?

When it comes to mechanical devices i am not technically minded so kudos to those with superior knowledge while those that just vape and either find something gives a good vape or not are not going to get overwhelmed by talk of voltage drops and the like, i could try to sound intelligent but many will see right through it!

I only use RDA’s with a BF pin and although i have a few regulated BF devices i really like i haven’t really liked anything better than the original Pulse as far as mechanical BF offerings i have tried, some have been ok but nothing i would continue to use!

The Bushido though i really like, it feels great in the hand and i love both the look and feel of the fire button even if the travel is a bit longer than average! I also like the simplistic but excellently executed lock mechanism and clean looking internals and basic design, even i would be able to strip this down and be confident of putting it back together no problem! Being purpose made for 22mm RDA’s is a drawback for those who might be looking for a BF device to use with different sized RDA’s although at 23.6mm a 24mm is only going to have slight overhang. I also like the idea of just unscrewing the bottom plate to fill instead of removing the bottle, it does work well as long as you remember to wait until you detect your cotton drying out first because if you tip it upside down to fill with full juice wells then i can leave that to your imagination! The only real con for me is the bottle juice capacity which is 4.8ml when capacity in general with BF devices have been getting greater but then this is a nice small device so it’s a trade off!

Although i have been using the Bushido V3 RDA with the Bushido BF Mod, features such as deep juice wells and leak resistant airflow designs also benefit dripping and bearing that in mind i do like the flip open top, i don’t drip so would never use it but for those that do it’s a great if not original feature which has been implemented well! The airflow adjusts with a nice tolerance although due to the distance between the sleeves and set back airflow slots on the base it doesn’t give the greatest range of airflow choices as even when closed almost right down it gives a medium RDL draw with a semi restricted (just shy of full on DL) when fully open. After saying that the V3 gives such a nice smooth vape which will suit builds from 0.2ohm - 0.5ohm and the flavour is fantastic. We also get slight gapping with the drip tip which will go as a con although it honestly doesn’t bother me so use the photos to make up your own mind, of course you can fit your own 510 but with the lip some might look a bit funky!

When it comes to the build it really is a piece of cake as is the wicking which allows for a generous amount of cotton. Two decent clapton coils are included and in general i am happy with what is included with both the Mod and RDA and love that all screw and O-ring sizes are given!

The Bushido BF Mechanical Mod and Bushido V3 RDA work so well together, the pliability of the bottle is soft without being too soft and i had no issues with leaking of any sorts it just seemed to tell me when to press the bottle for a continuous favourable vape working in tandem perfectly!



Both High quality, clean looking products
Mod Aluminium construction
Slightly raised 510 plate (just the right amount)
Orientation marked in White
Easy installing and removal of battery
Well implemented fire button locking mechanism
Absolutely love the fire button
Bottom fill via threaded plate with central lever
Perfect pliability to bottle (in my opinion)
Plenty of spares including bottle and contact plate
Easy build deck
BF pin included
2 Clapton coils included
Leak resistant airflow “tick” design
Flip lid for dripping
510 drip tip fitting (fit your own)
Gives smooth consistent vape
Experienced excellent flavour
Worked excellently as a BF RDA
Equally suited for dripping
Included information cards very informative and also gives screw and O-ring sizes


4.8ml Bottle Capacity
Need to make sure no liquid is in juice wells before filling
Can’t fit large RDA’s
Not a great range of airflow
Gapping with drip-tip (didn’t personally bother me)

I would once again like to thank Dovpo for supplying the BP MODS Bushido V3 RDA and Bushido Mod for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!