Beware of the Vapemons Gearbox!


Warning to anyone looking to get the Vapemons Gearbox, I ordered one for myself and 2 for a friend and they all have problems. Working with right now to alleviate this problem, they have been responding.

Problem 1 is mine came with a rusted gear that is used to change the settings.

It still works just looks like shit. Upon further inspection I found that the screws in the battery compartment are rusted as well.

Being an idiot I tried it before noticing the rusted screws in the battery compartment. The mod worked but did freeze up on me a couple of times, removing one battery and reinstalling it remedied that. Now that I see rust on the battery compartment screws it will never see a battery in it again.

My friend got both the green and white versions. His white is fine aside from the bottom magnet coming off the battery door, no rust to speak of.

His green looks fine but does not work, keeps showing short with any tank he puts on it. Had him make a video to send to efun.

3 out of 3 have problems and 2 are pretty much bricks.

Too bad as it is a cool looking mod but this is ridiculous.



Sorry about the bum luck, but appreciate the heads up. Hope they make good on it, and quickly!



Just the guy I was thinking about as all this was going down, figure I will send you one for dissection if I don’t have to send them all back. Would love the Mod Coroner to give us all the scoop :+1:



Rust = moisture.
Moisture + electronics = bad times

QC took the day off or something?



Yep, not a good combo

Thanks for moving it to the correct category too grubs, much appreciated :+1:



He’s dealing with efun :sweat:






Just to update anyone following this saga after trying to get to do the right thing I finally had to file a PayPal dispute. still tried the same shit, oh, we will give you a $25 credit to use in our store, is that ok and you drop the $120 dispute…no fucknuts!

Well after 4 months of BS PayPal today ruled in my favor, I will get a full refund and can suck it



Good for you and glad you stuck with it until someone made it right. I’m curious about the rust and whether anything was said about what metal they were using…or claimed to be using.

I’ve had a real life nightmare buying Chinese metals, particularly 304 and 316 SS, to the point where I demand a certification sheet even when buying small quantities. I’ll spare you the gory details but suffice to say that SS is a bitch to work with and substituting is one good way to cut material costs and time spent. But in designing a food contact device I found numerous very good reasons to adhere to materials approved for food and dairy (more stringent) products. Just curious.

Edit: the list of FDA approved materials is a pretty short list and I have been concerned in the past with what some of these F’ers put into some products.



Sorry it took so fucking long… But thrilled to hear PP made good!

Rightfully so! (And while I KNOW it’s been a MAJOR PITA for you, I greatly respect and appreciate your thoughtful attention and concern to such details.

I know that the “tools” (Craftsman) are NOWHERE near the quality that they were when they were made in the USA. So I can only imagine the things they’re doing with products intended for “more professional” use. :roll_eyes:



Yeah the tools and steel everything seems to be made from just does not seem the same. Who knows what they are making stuff from. I broke a lug wrench in half a while back just changing a tire. Damned near broke my arm.

That “gear” in the above photo appears to be plated but it appears to me that there is some caustic or other corrosive reaction going on that is more than ordinary rust. While its not in contact with the juice I don’t think I’d want it on my hands and definitely not in any part of the electrical circuit. It’s very odd looking to me.



I am planning on sending it to the Mod Coroner (Sprks) once I get the credit in my acct and finish my taxes and stop crying for how much I had to send in.

The rusted one still works, the others are not rusted but don’t work. Gonna send him one of each so he can do his magic



There’s something I can relate to. I got raped again on taxes. Nothing like the U.S… Work your lifetime to feed and cloth crack addicts that will rob your home and kill your dog.