Beginners flavor buying list

With the most recent news, a lot of new DIY mixers will need our help. If you were starting DIY today what would be the flavors on your must-have list? Maybe not some obscure flavor that is hard to source or will have problems finding recipes for.

Here is a shortlist of the top of my head but will add suggestions to the OP as we go along.

CAP Vanilla Custard (V1 for me, V2 if they are concerned about DAAP)
CAP French Vanilla
CAP New York Cheesecake
--------These 3 above will make for a tasty beginners VC, 5% for the VC and 2.5% each for --------the other 2 flavors. I would probably use different ingredients but mixed this up 2 ---------days ago and it puts out flavors.
INW Shisha Strawberry
FA Red Touch
TFA/TPA Ripe Strawberry
TFA/TPA Strawberry
JF Sweet Strawberry
RFSC Strawberry (Strawberry Milkshake as well since it can be a single flavor)
--------Those are the top Strawberry Flavors, will be easiest to find recipes for.
--------Left out CAP Sweet Strawberry as it disappears easily in a mix IME.
FA Fuji Apple
FA Meringue
FA Cream Fresh
TFA Bavarian Cream
CAP Sugar Cookies
LB Vanilla Ice Cream (Was thinking FA Vanilla Ice Cream too, very tasty but not a lot of recipes for it yet as it is new)
INW Shisha Vanilla
FA Marshmallow (Probably the TFA version as well, I think those are the most used?)
CAP Super Sweet
FW Natural Butterscotch
TFA/TPA Vanilla Swirl
TFA/TPA Cheesecake (Graham Crust)
TFA/TPA Dragonfruit

Not sure on creams yet, I love FLV Cream so might just recommend that. I think the price might turn a lot of people off though…thinking. TFA/TPA Sweet Cream is popular for a time but personally I never use it anymore and don’t think a lot of people do now.

Like I said, just off the top of my head so more to come.



Caramel, original (Cap)
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (Cap)
Graham Cracker (Cap)
Graham Cracker Clear (TFA)
Raspberry, Malina (Ina)
Apple Filling (FLV)
Frosting (FLV)
Pound Cake (FLV)

More to come…

Things I can’t believe I forgot to mention…

Shisha Strawberry (Ina)
Marshmallow (Cap)
Strawberry (FA)
Red Apple (NF)
Harvest Berry (Cap)
Sugar Cookie v1 (Cap)
Forest Fruit (FA)
Lemon (MF)
Blueberry (FW)

I consider this a “core flavors” list, and there are others I’m not listing, but I very much consider them as must haves (for their given niche).


Updated my list…


Thanks for reminding me,I still have to update my list as well


There are plenty of WF to add to the list but a little concerned about these newer companies with the news of Real Flavors. WF is in Canada though so there probably good.

Here are the Wonder Flavors I love and have made tasty mixes with:

Tahitian Vanilla
Vanilla Cream Extra
Crispy Wafer
Coconut Custard
Peach Gummy
Caramel Butter
Sour Gummy Candy

There are a bunch more that I really like but haven’t had a chance properly test yet, Flapper Pie being one of them. Overall WF is an excellent line, can’t think of one I got that is an absolute fail thus far.

I know you got the entire WF SC line, which ones are repeat orders for you?


I will throw out two super simple recipes since this is for beginners.

12% FW Grape Soda.

Thats it. 70/30. I know 12% might seem like a lot but some FW products are weak. I don’t vape this but I have been making it for a friend for years. It’s his ADV.

Here’s one that I do vape often.

FW White Grape 12%
TFA Sour 0.75%

Reminds me of Welch’s white grape juice.


Thank you. I wish I had something like this month’s ago.


I have been out of the mixing game for a couple years, so I am not up on current flavors. But 2 years ago, I would say most of Medicine Flower’s line, especially their vanilla. Omg. Another is Shisha Strawberry and Shisha vanilla by Inawera. I gotta have my custards too. So Capella V1 is one I love (probably lots of good new ones here). Another is Rich Cinnamon by Flavorah. Love that stuff.