Beginner squonk mods?

Over the next few weeks/months I will be buying a squonk mod, but as a beginner I would rather have your input on them as the only thing I want is a regulated dual 18650 mod but have no idea of a good bad one
Was looking at the gbox but I really fucking hate geekvape after the legend fiasco and I won’t give them a single penny more so…
I really like the wotofo faris to stick on top so it’s just the mod I’m stuck on


Forget the GBOX. It has some ugly faults and it’s old now anyway.

Topside or (my favorite) the Topside Dual. I recommend you get anything else but the Topside Dual first, so you can see what a blessing that top fill squonker really is, as well as having dual cells.


The latest three pictures in the Vaping Hand Check thread are Topside Duals. But don’t get one until you’ve used a traditional squonker first.


A good basic regulated squonker is the Vandy Vape BF 80W box mod, it does the job at a great price.
An oldie but a goodie. :smile:


Isn’t that a single 18650 though? Be no good for me at work


Vandy Vape Pulse Dual has my vote!

It’s initial firmware isn’t without a couple of bugs, but they’re easily resolved (worked around) by setting things manually. :smiley:

It’s slightly off when reading the impedance (at least mine is), but you can manually adjust for this.

The temp is off if using the factory SS settings, but you can adjust for this as well. (DJLsb recommended using 0985 for 316 SS, and after testing this pretty thoroughly, agree with the setting).

It fires quick, and tracks the impedance well, but that’s expected from an ST Microelectronics chip.

They can be found for as little as $42 if you search! And that’s a good deal IMO.

Haven’t had any leaking issues while using it with the Recurve as yet. (Haven’t tried others)


It is designed for the 20700 battery, however it does come with an adapter for 18650’s.
Sorry, I have just reread your initial post and note you are looking for a dual battery.
My bad :roll_eyes:

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I have the Gbox and I love it, but i had to do a lot of work on it to make it good. I replaced the original bottle with generic silicone bottles, and magnetized the cover so I don’t have to open the batteries to change the bottle. But it is dated and there are a lot better ones out there.

I totally support the topside as being the best of the best right now. Desire Rage is also a very good dual battery squonker, and the pulse 80w (or pulse X) nowdays is a great overall mod. Pulse 80w will take 20700,and X will take 21700 batteries. With a higher build, a single 20700 can last me a day and a half (and I vape a lot)

Another one I would recommend is the wotofo recurve. Simple, no nonsense semi-mech mod with all the needed protections. Single 21700, but with a higher build you can get a very good battery life in it.

Vandy Vape pulse dual can also be a decent choice if you are in for a dual battery squonker. I don’t have one, but a few friends do and they like it.

If you want to spend a bit more cash, you can go for the Lost Vape Drone which is absolutely amazing considering it’s a dual battery DNA250C squonker but it’s the priciest of the lot.


Just to reiterate… there are a lot of good squonkers out right now. I loathe the mess and annoyance of filling the bottle, so I’m quite enamored with the TD. But no doubt there are many good ones. Not knocking the others.


I love my Topside and Topside Dual. They are solid and I have had zero problems. After using them, I will never buy a squonk mod that requires you to remove a bottle to refill it, or use another special bottle to refill it. Besides getting 10 ml capacity, you save so much time not having to clean up juice.