Aussie Bush Fire Appeal

:fire: Help Us Raise $$$ For Aussie Bush Fire Victims :pray:

This Monday 11Am - 7pm Sydney Time.
(7pm - 3am USA EST)

DIY Downunder YT Channel!!!

Thousands Of Dollars Of Prizes, Full Lines Of Concentrates, Hardware & lots more, special guests.

Every $5 Donated gets = 1 Ticket Entry For Prizes

You can donate at any of these funds

Email Receipts, preferred name & your country of residence to:

Sponsors & Gift Donations Welcome.
Email Us at:

Live Stream Link:


I have updated the OP with stream details and times

There are tons of prizes including full lines of flavours, mods, gift packs, one shots, coupons the list is quite large.
We will have some very special guests appearing on the show.

Please tune in for shenanigans with some of your favorite reviewers, mixers, vape advocates.

Please if you can spare a few bucks to help people and animals who really need it that would be fantastic.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you there.

Don’t forget if you want to get one of you favorite mixers to vape something truly awful that too can be done for a price.


90 mins till kick off



The stream went really well we raised $6720 (which is actually a little more since some were totalled in USD).

Long story short Bogan has to get ‘woftam’ as a tattoo and I have to get the vaping bogan skull as a tattoo. Sometime I will have to learn to stfu lmao.

My thanks to all who donated both vendors and viewers and all who gave up time as guests on the show and those organising everything behind the scenes.

Awesome Job thank you so much

@DecadentVapours @Mjag thank you for your prize donations


That’s a serious amount of money! Well done guys :heart:

Please share photos of the tattoos when they’re done :joy:


Kopel dropped this recipe during the show - very sort after one shot recipe


You guys did an amazing job!


Bogan was trying to share this yesterday but his net was a bit slow - worth a watch love the song at the end.

See our Prime Minister in action (a little way into the video)


fuck yer

Bring it Mother Nature Bring it they say there is about 60-100mm of rain in this just hoping for no lightning or this whole shit show could get worse


It rained a lot we got 66mm here in under an hour

Unfortunately not quite as much hit the fires in Gippsland (far east of the state) the local fire here are still burning but with no where near the speed and intensity they were which is good news for sure.

There is another big low pressure system due to hit in the next few days that the weather boffins are saying will drop over 100mm on pretty much every fire in both Victoria and New South Wales and extinguish them all in one hit (fingers crossed they are not full of shit).


So did the rain put the fires out or at least some of them?

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They are still not under control according to the incident warnings they are burning a lot slower and all warnings have been downgraded to advice only some places have had a lot of rain the not they are worried about/or have floods.


Disappointing but still good news I guess. Maybe Mother nature will step up again and put those damned fires out completely.